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  1. Ausumm

    Wireless DMX problem

    Perhaps a guest was fiddlin' wit it. Also, since it was later in the night, could it be the battery running low?
  2. Ausumm

    What do you like to do when you're not working on the DJ business?

    I love working my second part time job... sound and light production for concerts and festivals. Also, looking for new places to hike with my two pups.
  3. Ausumm

    New Equipment .. and Stuff

    I'm pretty happy with my current system (and lights). The only thing I am considering is wireless speakers.
  4. Ausumm

    Things we did before we were experienced

    What HE said. +1
  5. Ausumm

    What makes you stand out as a DJ?

    You asked this question before.
  6. Ausumm

    Would you help a client try to find a venue?

    Doesn't make any difference WHEN they hire me. If their schedule works with mine, I book it.
  7. Ausumm

    What are your go-to first 3-5 songs for the dance?

    In my phone call to the client when we are discussing all the details and going over the itinerary. But I don't get too specific, because you never know what's going to happen once you get to the event.
  8. Ausumm

    What are your go-to first 3-5 songs for the dance?

    Just like anything else to do with the music, it's my decision, UNLESS the client has requested otherwise. And I make the decision based upon the circumstances.
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    What are your go-to first 3-5 songs for the dance?

    That's the difference between my clientele and yours. My gigs probably have more older guests, who go home early... but they are just as important to the client as their friends. Of course, there are always gigs where I start off with music for the young crowd, and then I sprinkle some oldies in...
  10. Ausumm

    What are your go-to first 3-5 songs for the dance?

    No, our music is the 60's, 70's and 80's...and it's Oldies. Patsy Cline is "people too old to dance" music. :laugh:
  11. Ausumm

    What are your go-to first 3-5 songs for the dance?

    I usually start slow, unless dinner is REAAAAL LOOOONG, or there are a lot of special dances before open dancing. Patsy Cline - Crazy is usually in the first slow set. I like to let the older crowd know that there will be plenty of THEIR music in the evening
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    Weddings My wife's request

    Take her to the backyard and walk "the aisle" with her while playing the long version of the song. When she gets to the "altar" and has to sit there for 3 minutes or more while the song plays out... she will know how it feels when you have more song than needed. Even better, videotape her doing...
  13. Ausumm

    My first gig... sort of!

    HOW DARE YOU!!! 😚
  14. Ausumm

    Two 15's or Two 12's + Sub?

    Didn't vote, because none of the choices matched the system I have: Two of the EV ZX 12" tops Two of the ZXA1 12" subs I work mostly smaller rooms, and it's more than enough.
  15. Ausumm

    How much details do you like to get from a potential client about the music they want played at their event?

    Like others, I usually book with only a general idea about music. Don't get into the details until we get closer to game day. I usually don't like to ask for too many requests, only because there isn't time to play them all. But the more requests you get from a client, the better idea you have...