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Yes. Nothing has really changed. I'm still at FedEx at the Airport. Still DJing as much as I care to. :) What's going on in your world these days?
Yeah, what were experiences with both? What made you ultimately choose DJ Intelligence over DJ Event? So I'm in this position of either paying $200 for DJI Pro or switch to their Standard site unseen (which they admit I lose all my branding on my tools, the links work differently etc)....OR I switch to DJE and start fresh.
Hi Valerie, need some advice regarding potential use of "projector" for B&G who want to take the time of their first dance to discuss the scientific project they have been working on. I have not discussed with them yet, but their initial inquiry asked about renting a projector from me (which I don't own or ever used). Could you enlighten me as to options? I don't know if they will use a PowerPoint presentation.