dmx controller

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  1. C

    Just starting, dmx prog. question.

    Hey guys, newbie here! For the Tl/Dr folks, background for this paragraph, actual Q in the next one. I've been a proofessional stage and close up magician for decades and did some DJ work before that. I have a personal love of music and for a whole ton of reasons I won't get into, I've decided...
  2. newsdj

    LED Vertical Fog Machine & DMX Controller Help, PLEASE!!

    Hey there, fellow lighting & sound enthusiasts – I am in desperate need of some expert help and advice! This is my first post to a forum like this but I can’t seem to find the answers I need -- either in a different forum here, or on any other DJ websites. I’m hoping you all could help steer me...
  3. Cap Capello

    Sold - Eternal "EchoMate" Wireless DMX Controller w/IR Remote w/Tripod Mount

    I purchased this new from ESC. The tripod mount I ordered from CSL. I have 40 RGB & RGBW fixtures. The EchoMate does not function smoothly/properly with anything other than RGBAW and or RGBAWU fixtures. Very disappointing for me as this unit is sensational for its intended target fixtures...