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    Got a date to use the handball court again.

    Park jams are cool but they need to be organized in order to be successful. It takes more than getting permission to use the park and putting out some flyers. Here in Atlanta we do an annual event in the park called DJ's Day Out. This year was our 8th consecutive year doing it. I got to be a...
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    Got a date to use the handball court again.

    I literally Laughed Out Loud at that!
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    Reworking My Large System

    Good choice. I have an AMX. It used to be my primary device while I was in between mixers. Now it's my backup device. I also have recently begun using a Surface Pro as a secondary computer and so far it's been pretty reliable.
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    Custom flight case or bag to hold preset T bar?

    I'm in a similar position. I currently have my T-Bar permanently wired up for my mini moving head wash lights. I'm not a big fan of the T-Bar but so far its the best option I have for these little moving head lights. I'm going to try to make a bag out of moving blankets from Harbor Freight...
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    The Table Quandry

    I always bring my own table now. I didn't always bring one and it backfired on me a couple of times. I had to learn from experience. It's just one less thing for me to worry about.
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    Loaning out equipment

    Great criteria to consider! I have to be honest and say that this person doesn't meet the criteria. He only gets a pass because we've known each other for over 20 years. We pretty much came up in the DJ game together. His main reason for not owning a lot of gear is the fact that he is a touring...
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    Loaning out equipment

    Never that! :laugh:
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    Loaning out equipment

    How do you feel about loaning out equipment to other DJs? Do you have a limit as to what you will loan out or how many times you loan the same piece of equipment out to someone before you make them pay a rental fee? I occasionally rent out gear when I'm not using it but I've began to notice that...
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    It's going down tomorrow!

    If you need all of those speakers for it to sound good for 40 people then something is definitely wrong.
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    Back to Backups

    When using the AMX with Serato, the pitch is controlled by using the Shift button on the AMX and the Gain knobs. I'm not sure if the Traktor mapping has the same feature.
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    Back to Backups

    I use the Akai AMX. It's currently my backup device, but for about a year it was my primary Serato mixer for when I used my turntables. I replaced it with the Pioneer S3 mixer for my turntables, and for most of my mobile gigs I usually just use my Pioneer SR2 but I still bring the Akai AMX...
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    I made a DIY Table Top DJ Facade

    I've made this same Facade. I found the instructions on Youtube. It worked well for the first couple of events, but eventually the plastic cracked and I stopped using it. I still have the frames hinged together but haven't had the desire to replace the plastic. Actually I haven't had the desire...
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    I should also mention that I know the manager of the Pub from High School. I know he's been the manager there for at least 5 years and I work across the street from the Pub. Basically this means that I trust that I will be getting paid. If you don't have that level of trust then you should...
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    It may vary depending on the circumstance. In your original post you mentioned a car show. In that case I would get a deposit and a contract. Tomorrow I'll be DJing in a pub that I've never DJed at before. They don't normally have DJs on a weekly basis but there is a convention in the area and...