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    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome aboard.... Yup I also am here in Elkhart. Beed doing it since 2004
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    New to weddings

    With a plus Gigbuilder you get some basic planning tools your clients can use online and other forms like a simple contract that can be modified to suit you and the laws of your state.
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    Electro-Voice ZLX-12P - Opinions...

    And as a main system for sure
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    DJ agrees to do a 4th of July event but doesn't have equipment.

    Then why all the sour grapes... Who the F cares if some cheap ass DJ took a cheap ass gig...
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    Electro-Voice ZLX-12P - Opinions...

    I have a pair of ZLX12p that I ran for this past Saturday's Triathlon which means I ran them in the open air.... I set the EQ to club, no sub and bumped the level up to plus 5... Just below clipping.... For what it's worth they did a fantastic job! Later I paired them up with a set of ZXA1...
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    DJ agrees to do a 4th of July event but doesn't have equipment.

    I'm still stuck on "...$200 is a stretch for an all day event." I have the gear, but would pass on the gig to some pimple faced kid with daddy's credit card in a hot second... If you ever wonder why you're always getting asked to do cheap paying gigs... Well cheap begets cheap... And if...
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    Revisiting Sub Placement

    May 7th I will be debuting my ZLX12 with quad ZXA1 Sub... I plan to stack two subs per side under each top speaker.... I found out that the subs allow for passive pass through of the audio so I will be able to shut off one set of subs during dinner and then when dancing starts, if I need the...
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    Technics SL-1200GAE turntable sells out in 30 minutes

    No thank you, I'll stick with my Reloop tables....
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    Autokdj and Zip plugin

    Id send DNA but you wouldn't want to know where it came from Bawhahahahaha
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    Autokdj and Zip plugin

    LMAO.... No it was really me hahahaha. Honest ingin.
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    Comment by 'jokerswild' in media 'IMG_0946'

    @Chuck The DJ every one wants to be me... Which is fine as long as they pay my bills lol
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    Autokdj and Zip plugin

    PSA: Those that come here in search of AutoKDJ assistance, I have long since stopped using it in favor of Karma... The links here are dead links.
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    Thanks Tommy O

    Someone stole our idea!
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    MOB needs to come up with retainer! How would you word it?

    Exactly my point... Thank you The PayPal Here swipper doesn't require this of the buyer.