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    Nightlife Recap and Playlist

    Solid Solid mix Ross!
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    Intro Version to R Kelly - Home Alone ft. Keith Murray

    Does anybody have or care to make an intro version of this song? Bringing this song back.
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    Posting to Instagram from computer (windows)

    I use Apple Photos, so it sync automatically, BUT like Taso said, AirDrop is such an amazing feature. Enough of a reason to own an iPhone. Same with Airplay. Say what you want about Apple, but they really got the ecosystem down in super user-friendly effective methods.
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    Wanting To Buy... Evox 12, Anyone Selling?

    It's about a $5,000 sound system with the designer poles. It the price you pay for an all in one kick-ass wedding sound system. It pays for itself almost immediately and yes since I also sold the BOSE, I had help. The BOSE keeps its value like no other speaker I have seen.
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    Wanting To Buy... Evox 12, Anyone Selling?

    The dual 12" hits harder than the 15" in the RCF. Especially 60 feet back.
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    Wanting To Buy... Evox 12, Anyone Selling?

    Have you not looked at the ES1203. It "compares" with the EVOX12, but has more features and more low end.
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    Wanting To Buy... Evox 12, Anyone Selling?

    you selling the L1?
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    Goodbye To The BOSE Store ..

    Sonos has Airplay now. Airplay is so so underrated. It is simply the easiest way to stream to in house audio. You can be on your device (computer or phone) and simply select airplay as your output source.
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    Blown DB Tech ES1203??

    So found out if I ever want to buy the extra woofer or any part for that reason, I have to have it ordered by a dealer first (shipped there) and then shipped to me.
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    Blown DB Tech ES1203??

    The driver is made in Italy by them, and being shipped overseas. It will take 3 weeks to get here. $53 for the driver, but it is under warranty.
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    Speaker Recommendations Needed: JBL PRX - Bose F1 812 - EV ZLX

    Btw, the L1 is a lot louder when one is far from the speaker b/c of the longer array, but up close the F1 does better as it is louder by the dancefloor. The L1 shines outdoors a couple of hundred feet back with no one blocking. Enjoy your F1s!
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    White spotlight fixture?

    Tell me more. Dimmers creating issues with audio?
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    New EV Evolve Speakers Coming....

    yes, but a lot more punch than any other of the collum array systems and a lot nicer sound. It hangs really well with the MUCH higher powered and bigger dual 12" DB Tech. But I agree to a point, which is why I added F1 subs. The F1 subs blow away the dual 12 in the ES1203 in terms of...
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    New EV Evolve Speakers Coming....

    Ya, it's an awesome system. Used it for years, and I miss the airy sound the Model II delivers, especially when the T1 is used with DJ Preset. I always ran a pair but in Mono as no one stands in the sweet spot to get the stereo effect anyhow.
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    Blown DB Tech ES1203??

    not quite.. My Bose L1 was the same price, just better built. I don't agree with your assessment, and you analogy with cars is way off. A Ferrari might break more b/c it is much more complicated and high strung compared to a Honda. You cannot really compare the average MI speaker like QSC, JBL...