Reworking My Large System

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Turn down the lights Bobcat & it will look find! No- Looks good Bobcat.
I’m wonderin’???... How much time is TOO MUCH to spend on a cup holder???[emoji1] I thought about just drilling a big hole in the tabletop and dropping a cup holder in...


... Sure... That would be easy, but it would cost me $10 plus shipping, and it would make a big hole in my nice new tabletop.[emoji1]

I could get one that clamps on...


Again... $10 and possible scratches on my nice new tabletop from the clamps... And could I even trust a clamp???[emoji1]

So I pulled some wood scraps out of my scrap bin and I’m makin’ my own...


Nice thing about makin’ my own is I can make it so the cup (or water bottle) sits level. The desk has a 7 degree slope, so my cup holder has a matching sloped insert turned the opposite direction, so the cup will sit level.

The down side to makin’ my own cup holder is time... Already got an hour in that thing and it’s NOT done. My time is probably worth $10 an hour; maybe more.[emoji1] The other down side is it’s DAMM HOT out there... hottest day of the year so far. It’s just about done though. Just gotta stain it and put some little rubber feet on it...


... Hopefully it won’t walk off!!![emoji1]
It stands straight up...


... How many of you can claim that???[emoji1] Is yours more like this???...


... We’re talkin’ water bottles and cup holders here... Get your minds outta the gutter![emoji1]

In that second pic, the cup holder is turned around backward.[emoji4]
Painting and staining my cup holder today. Actually just painting so far. I painted the bottom and the inside, but it’s taking a while to dry. I’m impatient; I want to move on to staining the outside with the same stain I used on the tabletop, but I can’t do it until the painted parts dry.

Oh, well... I need to find the rubber feet anyway. I know I have several different kinds and sizes around here somewhere.[emoji1] Not exactly sure where. Hopefully the paint will be dry by the time I find them.[emoji4]

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i know clients arent impressed by scratching and mixing...but this cupholder should be quite a hit! lololol all you need is a flip down chair.

i know clients arent impressed by scratching and mixing...but this cupholder should be quite a hit! lololol all you need is a flip down chair.


I do these DIY projects for ME... I’m long past needing to impress anybody. The improvements I make to my setups are to help me do a better, more efficient job. Clients are VERY RARELY impressed with DJ gear, much less a cup holder. Most of my clients are too busy entertaining their guests to concern themselves with my setup.
Meh... It's done. Might put another coat of stain on it? I like that some of the wood grain shows through, but maybe it needs a little polishing when it dries a little better...


... I found four little round rubber feet. I wanted larger square ones, but only found two. I know I have others around here somewhere, but until I run across them, this will have to do. :djsmug:
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Well... No more to do on this latest upgrade. I got everything setup and configured, and... GOOD GREIF... both computers wanted to schedule the June 2019 update. So I did. Took a little over an hour on each computer, but here’s the weird part. The two computers in this system have IDENTICAL specs. Same everything including CPU, RAM, SSHD, and built-in system drives. Yet one PC updated a good 15 minutes quicker than the other. Weird.[emoji4]


I need to test both PC’s to determine what (if anything) the update messed up... not tonight though. Tomorrow.[emoji1]
I'm confused (big surprise eh?) that a pic of your small or large system? Either way it looks really nice!

That’s my Large System with the new tabletop, which has space for my backup (AKAI AMX/Alto ZMX52) system. My Small System has the DDJ-WeGO3/Surface Pro backup system on a platform with a robotic arm.[emoji4] In the pic, the left side monitor was turned off because that computer had finished the Windows update.

Easy to get confused though, since my Small System isn’t really small anymore. Maybe I’ll consider the Linux Laptop/VMS 4.1 System as my Small System now, but it needs a lot more testing before it’s gig-worthy.[emoji1]