bose f1

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  1. T

    Walk around of Equipment

    It wold be cool to see (via video) everyone's setup/gear/equipment from a recent gig. We can all learn from each other, get new ideas, and get a feel of what it is like before the madness begins at a gig. In the video below, the 2nd speaker (far side) is getting the signal from a wireless...
  2. Cap Capello

    ARMSDJ Conference, Greenville, Tennesse, June 19th & 20th

    The ARMSDJ Conference is being held in Greenville, Tennessee, June 19th - June 20th, at the General Morgan Inn. Cap Capello, authorized Bose pro-audio dealer, will be presenting full demonstrations of the Bose L1 & Bose F1 family of products and will be hosting a FREE breakfast for all...
  3. Cap Capello

    In Anticipation Of L1 vs. F1 Questions and Comparisons

    With hopes that this video set answers the inevitable questions and curiosities. Bose® L1® & Bose® F1® Demonstrations - 7 Video Series - YouTube