Public vs. Private Forums

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What is a public forum?

A public forum is a forum who's posts can be read anyone even without an account here. They are indexed by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What does this mean to me?

It means that you may not want to post anything sensitive (gripes about clients or other vendors, etc) in a public forum because anyone can see them.

Should I only post in private forums?

In an ideal world that would okay. However, like or not ODJT needs fresh content for search engines to index. The more indexable content we have the more visitors see ODJT. The more visitors that see ODJT the more potential members we have.
Please post whatever you deem acceptable for public view on the public forum. Everyone has their own threshold. We don't judge. If you post something on a private forum it will remain in a private forum. Unless explicitly requested we never move threads from private to public forums.
However, we semi-frequently move threads from public to private forums as a proactive measure to either protect you or prevent headaches from coming our (the moderators) way.

How do I get access to private boards?

There are a few criteria to be automatically granted access to the private forums. Two of the criteria are you must be a member for 3 weeks (21 days) and have 25 posts. The third criterion is top secret. ;) If you meet the two criteria above and still don't have access to private forums. Please message me and we'll see what's going on.

How do I know if I'm able to access private boards?

Click this link. If you see a list of threads you have access to the private forums. If you see an error message you don't have access yet.