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    What are your go-to first 3-5 songs for the dance?

    Nice job Taso. How many of the Latin songs were chosen by the Bride? Interesting selection. I love Merengue and Salsa.
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    Anyone still use mirrored balls?

    Used mine in March 2020 prior to the Covid shutdown at an outdoor pool side dance. I'll post tomorrow....maybe.
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    The Official Introductions Thread

    Appreciate your interest in helping others who may require the specific service provided. IMO wish you had come around ten years earlier. Hope to see more of your talent. I'm sure many here will take note of your invention. Welcome aboard.
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    What is your preferred screen size for your laptop?

    Old eyes = larger screen.
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    Weddings Do you have your wedding clients fill out a planning form?

    Provided at initial meeting when retainer is received.
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    Cocktail Hour Ideas

    @ sawdust, not to brag, but I can make my own copy of the above list because I have all of them in my music library (CD & MP3) all the songs. Of course, I've had many more years than most there to accumulate them. The list you created is a masterpiece, in my opinion. Good job.
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    How clean is your setup?

    @Ross...have you had guests ever come up to you and try to lean on the facade? If so, did it bend or flex back into shape?
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    How clean is your setup?

    Sorry Ross. I didn't see the prior post about 5-ft table. Same question when using a 4-ft by 24" depth table?
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    How clean is your setup?

    @ Ross, would a 5-ft folding table fit within the facade? If so, how much space from center front of table to cloth? How much space between the front edge of table and facade once table is positioned? At center of arc and front of table? 4", 6"? How sturdy is the facade? Must you attach it...
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    On Average, How much time prior to event start time do you leave your house?

    Yes. My prospects hardly ever requested uplighting or monogram projection prior to this venue. In fact, it was at this venue that two prospects inquired about uplighting and monogram projection. I fibbed a little saying that I had them. I quoted based upon how much money I was going to spend...
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    On Average, How much time prior to event start time do you leave your house?

    @djtasso...never said I couldn't get that amount at other venues. It had to do with the combination of lighting and monogram projection and cost of additional manpower. I've done $800 receptions there as well. IT ISN'T NEW JERSEY where the cost of living is much, much higher than my service area.
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    On Average, How much time prior to event start time do you leave your house?

    This one venue in NC a very upscale venue allowed only 1 hour for setup and 1 our for tear down of equipment. I hated that venue because I had to nearly kill myself to get the equipment in, setup, sound check and quickly change into my Wedding Reception attire. If there was up-lighting...
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    On Average, How much time prior to event start time do you leave your house?

    I allow 2 hours plus travel time: 1/2 hr. for Load-in, 1 hr. for setup and sound check, 1/2 hr. for cool-down and change of clothes. I wear tux vest/matching bowtie, tux shirt, black dress slacks, and black walking shoes. I am also my own "roadie". If room lighting is involved, add additional...
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    I'm so old... I still use a 19" rack-mounted mixer

    I still use a Pioneer 5000 and Denon D4500Mk2 (CD player). The Denon has two USB inputs as well as the double CD players. I'm good incase the Laptop decides to bite the dust during event by simply adding either a thumb drive or external HD to the Denon.
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    Things we did before we were experienced

    Tux shirt and bowtie and matching vest. If really hot, no tie but tux shirt, black slacks and black Reebock walkers. Always had the 2x2 puzzle squares to stand on behind DJ table. Still use 5x8 printed "cue cards" for weddings; Intro List, Program, Music Play List. Made two CD's for each...