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    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome "down under" DJ. You'll fit right in. Share your talent experiences and feel free to comment. Happy Easter, belatedly. I believe you've already had the Holiday?
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    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome and don't be shy about asking questions or providing new and interesting events for our perusal. Always nice to see how others or playing. Where are you performing? State, City.
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    Support ODJT!

    I have PayPal. Today it notified me that Dan had charged my account.
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    Support ODJT!

    Done it for another year. You guys better keep posting!
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    Your top 5 wedding songs

    You're My Inspiration -- Chicago Me Voy De Party -- Los Nuevos Sabrosos Livin' On A Prayer -- Bon Jovi Crocodile Rock -- Elton John Do You Love Me -- The Contours Love of a Lifetime -- Firehouse
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    Do you get excited every now and then about doing an event?

    If one doesn't get anxious or excited about any gig, that's when one forgets things in preparation for the event. Check and double-check is the rule especially if doing a Wedding or Ceremony.
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    A Mix-worthy lighting system

    Many, including myself, liked the "movement" of the clouds among the stars.
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    What year do you believe will be your last year as a DJ working events?

    My DJ "hobby" will end within the next 4 years. At the moment I don't actively advertise, but still get a few functions each year...mainly the 55+ community. Really, limited by physical abilities as my age progresses may be the primary factor. However, wanting to keep up with "current" music...
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    A Mix-worthy lighting system

    Definitely a worthy investment. Although, I would have liked to have had the Blue with Blue Stars. I have the Blue with Green Stars.
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    What software are you using to DJ with?

    Back to the original Post; OtsAVDJ and Traktor Pro3. Learning Traktor.
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    What software are you using to DJ with?

    I have thousands of mint or near mint 45's from the decades, 50's to 2004 and Country. I play "theme" nights, sock-hops, oldies nights (50-60-70). This day and age it seems that 80's have overtaken the "oldies" of the 50's & 60's. I don't play CDs at those type functions. If any of you are...
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    How many of you are quitting the business and if so why?

    In limbo until Covid retreats.
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    Politicians Might Be Slinging It ... But ODJT Needs a Bit More Civility

    Lack of revenue and public IN-activity sometimes make a DJ uncomfortable. Seems understandable. Perhaps once things get going again, bye-gones will be bye-gones.
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    Looking for music? Here's an idea

    Gina G's..."Ooo Ahh, Just A Little Bit" is another good dance song.