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    I'll be working on that this weekend
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    Definitely hiss. Speaker gains are set at 12 o'clock. I did try the mic gains. Maybe it is a matter of the levels.
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    ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGG! I finally figured out the JBL Compact Eon One issues. NOW - I am trying to stop the hiss coming out of my RCF 12s. Am using an RCF F 10XR mixer, with a Denon MC4000 controller. Everything is plugged into a Furman (can't remember the model number)...
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    Events Cancelling...............AGAIN

    The cancellations are due to both being nervous about spreading COVID.
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    Events Cancelling...............AGAIN

    I am SO ready to be on the other side of COVID! 2 cancellations.....
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    JBL Eon Compact

    Am using GTD G-733H GTD. It has been working with my regular system
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    JBL Eon Compact

    Ok..anyone using this with a wireless microphone? I have been trying for hours to get my wireless to work. Volume is awful and I get incredible hiss when I turn it up. Yet, it plays via Bluetooth, the music from my Ipad and sounds great. How do I get it working????
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    Anyone here do graphic/logo design?

    Hank did mine!
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    Wireless Mic - What frequencies are LEGAL in Chicago???????

    Hello Everyone! I am more confused than ever...... I have been trying to find what frequencies are still legal in Chicago. Of course I have Googled and have ended up more confused. Anyone have ANY idea? I've used the Shure frequency finder...what it recommends for the BLX series...
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    What are your go-to first 3-5 songs for the dance?

    This has been an interesting thread! Appreciate everyone's thoughts and ideas. I am always amazed at what works in one area, doesn't work in another. I've been looking for new dance floor opener ideas. In this area (Chicago/Northwest Indiana) Open dancing doesn't start until AFTER the first...
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    Event Management Software

    I've been using DJ Intelligence for years. Looking for something that is more "millennial phone friendly". Seems they do not like DJI. Some things to know - I'm lazy and use the DJI music list. What are the options out there??
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    Battery Powered Speaker for Ceremonies.............

    Definitely wanting a simpler, lighter, option.
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    Battery Powered Speaker for Ceremonies.............

    Opinions? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!
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    Support ODJT!

    Thanks Jeff. Thought it was ABOUT TIME after years of skating.....
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    What software are you using to DJ with?

    Have been using VDJ since I went digital. SPECIFICALLY for the Automix capability. And....everything that I could ever want is INCLUDED in my license purchase. With Serato, everything is extra. I hate that.