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    Internet streaming and live video feed at the same time

    Powered HDMI splitters are available on Amazon (not expensive) for you to send the Canon 7d feed to one of your laptops. Alternatively, you can simply run a dedicated webcam and laptop for the live feed.
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    Best lines in music

    "Hey, I'm no swimm'a, but were she slimm'a I might'a saved that Clementine. " - Bobby Darin .
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    Passing The Torch

    @Dan The Man I can not express the gratitude I have for you and the forum you created for us. Aside and beyond the DJ aspect it was designed for, ODJT has served as a gateway to some amazing people that I would have otherwise never known. I have gained many life-long virtual and real-world...
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    Tired of looking out your window?

    PM me for THAT link. ;)
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    New equipment

    Welcome and sorry for your dilemma. It seems to me that since your peers aren't experiencing the same discomfort, it would suggest that the issue is more of a physical/medical one. Certain low/high frequencies can affect individuals or certain age groups negatively and most times be...
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    Big announcement!

    Maybe that's because he's actually a 12 year old boy and Mix has the mind of a child?
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    Going Live Saturday--a few quick last minute questions for those who have done it.

    OBS will run a configuration test to determine your optimal settings for streaming or streaming + recording. *The highest audio bitrate for Twitch is 160.
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    Lofi beat needed

    How about this one? Oh, sorry.... I read that wrong. Here you go.
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    Going Live Saturday--a few quick last minute questions for those who have done it.

    *OBS can record locally while you cast. *If you're running live audio through speakers, your mic will pick it up and cause echo or looping on the listener end. This is especially true when using USB audio. If your mic and iRig are analog, it will likely be okay as there is little to no latency.
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    Post your going to the store Mask!

    The good thing is that you're finally getting everyone to post a selfie. The bad thing is that we'll still have no idea what most of them look like. :cheers:
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    My First Streamed Gig!

    IMO, Other than the time limit being lifted (zoom is 40 minutes), it's not as good as zoom. I just tested it. The host end is fine, but the participant end is not very good. The audio was terrible and i don't see any advanced settings other than simply choosing your source. I'm sure the paid...
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    My First Streamed Gig!

    Was set to private. Glad you alerted me to it. Fixed now. :cheers:
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    My First Streamed Gig!

    Loads here....Probably a Permissions setting. I'm on it, thanks. What browser are you on?
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    My First Streamed Gig!

    A few tips for live streaming your DJ rig... 1. Connect your mixer to the machine as if it were your amp/speakers. Connect via USB or analog "line in" (not mic). This source should be your "microphone option" for whatever software/app you are streaming to. Get an app like VUMeter to help...
  15. Rockit Rick 2012

    Rockit Rick 2012