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  1. DJ JohnThe1

    My friend asked how much longer will I be DJing?

    Yeah I guess. 😆
  2. DJ JohnThe1

    My friend asked how much longer will I be DJing?

    I'm in the process of restructuring my DJ workload. It's been slow and I've been very picky about my events because of covid. I'm over it now and will be satisfied with doing 20 events per year. I love playing at weddings and enjoy doing throwback parties. 80's 90's. It's hard for me to walk...
  3. DJ JohnThe1

    Christmas gift to yourself?

    :djsmug: Didn't mean to buddy.
  4. DJ JohnThe1


    Thanks Jeff. I'll be here more often. Pornhub is getting boring. 😆 🤣 Just joking... I honestly miss it here and just started spending a little more time on the old tablet.
  5. DJ JohnThe1

    Support ODJT!

    My pleasure Jeff. Loved this place since 2007. Made some great friends and learned a ton about the dj world.
  6. DJ JohnThe1

    EKX-12sp and ETX-18sp review

    I really enjoy the ETX15 inch subs. I used to drag around the heavy Yorkville sub for years but going up stairs with it got old. 2 12" tops along with 2 15" subs will do great for weddings in my area.
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    Merry Christmas gang. I know I'm a day late but the love is still real 😃
  8. DJ JohnThe1

    Christmas gift to yourself?

    Picked up an RCF Evox 8 rig for smaller weddings for Christmas. Thought of Steve when I made the purchase. I miss him.
  9. DJ JohnThe1

    Christmas gift to yourself?

    Picked up some new wheels and tires for the gig crawler for Christmas.
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    RIP Steve...

    Miss you buddy! Great man with a caring and giving heart. I wish if I could have spoken to you a few more times before you left us. Rest easy my friend.
  11. DJ JohnThe1

    Passing The Torch

    Enjoy that well deserved break Dan. You built a great institution here and I'm glad to be a part of it. Thanks.
  12. DJ JohnThe1

    Ray Mar passed away from Covid

    Rest easy Ray. Big influence in the dj community.
  13. DJ JohnThe1

    Got a wedding to do on July 25th.

    I hope Mix and his posse wears their mask at the big come back gig. MixMasterMachoMachoGonnaBeARoadieForHisPartnerMan!
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    UGH I have to buy a new TV today.

    I'm a pen guy myself. Parker is my pen of choice with a couple of Cross pens mixed in. A smooth writing pen thats relatively cheap to refill.