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    Happy New Year from ODJT

    Happy New 2021 to everyone a club ODJT! :cheers:
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    Merry Christmas and thank you

    A belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year to all of my friends on the island of misfit toys. :sqwink::sqcool:
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    Hey Tom, good to see you again! Hope you and yours are doing well. :cheers2:
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    SD card specifications

    You mentioned Spotify in another other post. If you're looking to cache Spotify on this card I can tell you it's a crap shoot. I have 128GB Samsung card in my Note 9 and opening Spotify with a large cache (20+GB) on external storage takes a long time. I guess it tries to enumerate each track on...
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    T-mobile sent me a letter for a promotion.

    I hate to burst your bubble Mix but this really isn't a promo. It's what all the companies do now. You buy the phone over 24 months with 0% interest and the calling/data plan is billed separately.
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    Crazy sized header

    Sorry guys. Members should see 1 horizontal ad in the below the header and second vertical ad on the side bar of the home page and media gallery. Adsense apparently has had some changes I'm not aware of. We'll get it fixed up in the interim I've disabled those ads for everybody.
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    New Gloria Estefan song

    View: I likey! I've always enjoyed a Latin beat. Nice update to the song, IMHO.
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    Need a free editing software

    At the risk of sounding old I still use Audacity to make ring tones and notification tones. My PayPal notification tone is a clip from the 50 Cent remix of Work It. It's a cash register sound and 50 says "Ching ching jackpot I think I"m in love" It's always interesting when it goes off in a...
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    The Official Introductions Thread

    With a name like p00p00 I think you'll fight right in. :D Welcome aboard!
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    Passing The Torch

    Thank you all. Such kind words. I certainly appreciate them. :) I'm still here just a passenger now. I should've installed a minibar in this glove compartment. :cheers:
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    Passing The Torch

    Definitely! I'll be back on the road shortly. After this Corona stuff subsides they'll be no stopping me from making my rounds. I'd like to get to the AC show one year. :)
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    Passing The Torch

    Howdy Folks, Today, I pass the baton to @Jeff Romard to run ODJT. I've been at this nearly 15 years. Its the longest I've done anything. The last couple of years my heart hasn't been in running the day to day operations. This led to things not being done in a timely matter and such...
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    Does Anyone Have An Update On RayMar?

    Thank you for the update Cap. 70% is awful low and that's the improvement? I'll continue to keep Ray in my prayers.
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    Geico insurance for my vehicle is kind of misrepresenting itself .

    I just started a new policy with Geico. For the time being I pay monthly. This month was $76 and change. Next month is $6 and change. The rest of the months are $67.60. I must have gotten a discount on that second month. I didn't do the math but I'm happy with my premium. I quoted with 3-4 other...
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    Budget Laptop

    Windows 10 updates are free. You would only have chose between Windows 10 Home or Pro. You only need the home version which is what's normally installed on budget laptops so you're good to go.