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    What year do you believe will be your last year as a DJ working events?

    I plan on growing my business in 2020 and beyond. If all goes according to plan, I will retire April 1 and that will give me a lot more time and availability to DJ. I'm only 41 so I still have lots of time ahead of me hopefully.
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    What are your plans this year moving forward for your DJ business?

    Well the vaccination schedule is definitely varying state by state, and possibly by region within the state. The local hospital began offering it to all city employees last week, after offering it to all healthcare workers and first responders. They have now moved onto those over 70 and in...
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    Contest for a Free Year of Supporter Status

    I tried, I just couldn't come up with anything catchy.
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    Setup circa 1985

    The sound system for this was hand made. It was square wooden boxes each with 4 front facing Eminience 15s. Had 2 boxes on each side.
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    Setup circa 1985

    Here are a couple pics of BTS of our setup in 1995. The company I worked for was doing music video dance parties. We brought in 8x12 projection screens and had music videos on VHS tapes. And yes , that DJ is smoking.
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    Bought some new speaker stands

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    Bought some new speaker stands

    Can you explain the ring lock mechanism?
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    Good remix edition of DJ Beats

    Just subscribed to this Monday. Gotta get used to how they let you download the music, but other than that we shall see how it compares to. POOL.
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    Anyone get any DJ related stuff for Christmas?

    What's something like that run? Who makes them for the interested consumer?
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    Anyone get any DJ related stuff for Christmas?

    What brand guitar did you get? We are currently shopping for one for my 12year old son who takes lessons and plays casually and at church. We were kinda looking for an electric-acoustic. We only have one local spot to shop for them here in person, wasn't sure where to look online.
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    Anyone get any DJ related stuff for Christmas?

    I got one of the battery powered rockville lights that @steve149 brought up recently. Can't wait to try it out.
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    I might have an event to do for NYE.

    Ha, he probably has to file taxes and report income to do that.
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    DJ FREE About me hi im new to this site Iam a DJ I dj for the Gamler 500 events and much more .

    Welcome aboard! When you say you do free shows, what does that entail? At a club? Events?
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    I might have an event to do for NYE.

    What will these speakers be speaking on at this speaker jam? No offense, but who wants to listen to some speakers speak on NYE, especially up until 11:30pm. I'd be asleep by 9.
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    DJ Planning Software

    I'm there with Taso. I use djeventplanner but I know I don't use it for anywhere near what it is capable of. I use it for the calendar, to keep contacts, and to keep track of payments, etc.