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    There's a upcoming show that I will be the DJ at the show.

    How much is he getting paid?
  2. BlueLineDJ

    There's a upcoming show that I will be the DJ at the show.

    Seems like an odd lineup to be opening up for Hunter.
  3. BlueLineDJ

    Best mirror ball type effect

    Ya, nothing compares to the real thing. I have the rotosphere Q4 and its just ok.
  4. BlueLineDJ

    Lighting question - Wash / Moving head locations

    I have my moving heads on top of my totems and my wash FXs mounted on my speaker poles. The Wash lights of course are not on yet in the attached pic.
  5. BlueLineDJ

    Northern Sound & Light Closing

    Just visited their website for the fun of it. Now it says the site is closed, merger in progress. Looks like they are joining forces with AlarMax and consolidating locations/etc.
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    Projector choices

    I'm in agreement. I wouldn't go less than 4k lumens. If it was me, I would do 5k lumens. Laser is very affordable these days
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    New year new gear

    So here's an update. Here's a pic of the 6x12 enclosed trailer I purchased. I love it. The rear ramp door is a lifesaver. Now I just have to get everything situated how I want inside of it. My goal is to empty out my storage unit and be able to keep everything in this. The next picture is...
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    New year new gear

    and I caved last weekend and bought an enclosed trailer as well.
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    New year new gear

    Wasn't going to, but I bought a set of totems and moving heads and just got them setup yesterday.
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    FBT and Northern Sound and Light

    Northern Sound & Light out of PA just announced they are closing their doors at the end of the month. They had some great prices. They have a $150 coupon for anything in stock for sales over $1,500.
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    Suggestions for lighting software for iPod

    Thats no problem. It creates its own wi-fi network.
  12. BlueLineDJ

    Suggestions for lighting software for iPod

    You will get many different opinions. Some even about the same product. So I will go first. I love MyDMXgo. It has worked great for me and is very user friendly. Some on here will say the opposite. I have been using it for almost 2 years now I think.
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    In Home Monitors

    Im still learning my DJ-707M and would like to work on it more at home. I'm looking for a speaker that I can come out of my controller with XLRs and into a small speaker to listen at home instead of bringing in my EV 15s. Is there some you all use or recommend?
  14. BlueLineDJ

    Anyone buying anything new?

    I just received notification that it shipped and fedex says I will have it tomorrow