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    Cheap uplighting...?

    Took advantage of a current Memorial Day sale going on and bought another charging case with 10 lights in it. Putting my inventory at 20 uplights. It was actually cheaper this time to buy the 10 lights separate from the road case, than it was to buy the bundle pack...
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    Seeking Budding Synth Artist

    What in the world are these boards coming to, first Mix, then Jdb, now this????
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    Big announcement!

    How do we report this crap as spam? He's starting to rank up there with Mix in my book.
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    Big announcement!

    Just tell us already
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    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome Jason, I feel dumber just from trying to read the title of his illustrated guide.
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    Furman SS-6B On Sale $28 at ProAudioStar

    Great product, just ordered another pair.
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    Look like it's time to get a new laptop.

    And never too soon either!
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    I bought 2 scrims.

    So what color was your intention on buying Black or white?
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    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    Thunderstruck - AC/DC
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    How much money do you anticipate earning in May and June events?

    Zero as of right now. My next wedding is scheduled for end of July. I have a chance at making some on three local graduations. We are working on having drive up services possibly where everyone stays in their cars and listens via FM transmitter and then when their name is called they drive up...
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    First Cancelation because of Corona Virus

    I was told to apply for unemployment by a leader of our local chamber of commerce. They said if you lost income due to the pandemic and that income is something you relied upon to sustain your means of living then you could, whether you had another full time job still in effect or not.
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    First Cancelation because of Corona Virus

    I just had a June 20 wedding postpone. Definitely the farthest out, but farther out than expected. Sucky part was it was postponed to a date I was already booked, so I gave them a referral.
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    Craziest bar stories???

    Gosh, I wouldn't know where to begin. From the girls gone wild party tour buses, to shootings, to brawls, to drag fashion shows. You name it, I've seen it.
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    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome aboard! Enjoy the show! Do us a favor, take your CAPS LOCK off please!
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    What computer/laptop do you use?

    I'm the guy that believes that once you go Mac you never go back. We have an entire apple household. I have a 27" iMac in my home office. I DJ with a MacBook Pro and an iPad for MyDMXGo, then my wife has her own MacBook.