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    Would you sign this?

    If I was already contracted, I'd probably sign it and complete the event. I also would be very unlikely to return to the venue or ever book anything there again. I'm completely over dealing with venues that are not set up to host events properly. I would also explain to the client in...
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    I bought a Shure wired mic yesterday.

    I've found that I like Sennheiser's sound better on my voice personally. I use the e835s which are the same price as a Shure SM58. Worth checking out if you've never compared them.
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    Using streaming on gigs

    Totally agree there. But honestly it's getting harder to acquire some of the newer music. I'm not sure which labels in particular have cracked down, but record pools have way less content than they used to. I have no problem buying the music directly from the label, but having intro edits...
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    Using streaming on gigs

    Spotify allows you to download for offline play. I have used that feature for cocktail hours or dinner time to facilitate an easy playlist. I'm also now using Beatsource, which lets you stream directly from Serato. But it also allows you to store a number of tracks for offline play. What I...
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    How many email follow ups do you do with prospects who inquire with you?

    I will caveat this though... My process is based on the fact that most of my inbound traffic is referral. If it was mostly cold leads coming in from WeddingWire, The Knot, etc. I'd be quite a bit more aggressive. I tend to start from a much hotter lead and have a nice close rate as a result...
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    How many email follow ups do you do with prospects who inquire with you?

    I will sometimes go to 2-3 depending on the situation. My branded @belasonomusic email sometimes gets caught in spam filters. So if I don't hear back I'll send one from a second gmail account just to confirm that they got the first note. If a get another inquiry for the same date within about...
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    Things are picking up a bit lately.

    Your first post reads like 2 are confirmed and 4 are pending. 2 you don't even have the dates, how can they be confirmed?
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    Priced out of work...?

    Your logic isn't flawed. In the simplest theory... getting reps and making money is a good thing. Full stop. You can probably work for $500-$800 and feel happy about it and work a lot more than guys asking for $1,200, especially in that kind of market. The problem is, that you will develop a...
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    Weddings What matters most

    How does any of this relate to the rest of the discussion?
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    Weddings What matters most

    I see the flip flops at many weddings, but I don't see them being used very often. It seems like it probably isn't that expensive, but I agree that they aren't being valued in most cases.
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    At the risk of sounding sarcastic... What else are you hoping it will do? It's primary function is to protect gear from dust or being bumped and adjusted when not in use.
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    Replacement lapel mic.

    Honestly at that price point I'd rent when you have a gig until you save up for something in the $500-$600 range. Then I'd be looking at a Shure SLX system or maybe find an open box/used Sennheiser G4. If you're buying used just make sure you check what band they are in. I would guess you can...
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    What are your plans for NYE?

    I'm DJing the lounge I play in DC. I'll be more than 10 days past the start of my symptoms (even though I know the guidance just dropped). Double the normal pay. I'm not a big fan of new years parties. I'd much rather work than try to go out somewhere myself. I often find that it's a weird...
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    What is the one piece of gear that you love to use when doing an event?

    Most DJs don't need those FX units anymore because today's mixers and controllers have lots of effects built in. From either my S9 or DDJ-1000SRT I have instant access to echos, loops, low and high pass filters, noise effects, reverb, flanger, and a whole lot more without any outboard gear...
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    I have them for my turntables and S9 set up for my house. They are built well and do the the job.