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DBX GoRack Config

DBX GoRack Config

Sooooo, got me a new toy today that I have been wanting to try out. It is a dbx GoRack. Here is the config from the manual I will use except I run my output from the unit to the tops first then pass through to the subs. Is there any difference? Reason I go to tops first is if subs power down....
That's why I'm asking how he orients his subs - it makes absolutely no sense to run a pair of long lines to the tops and then another pair of long lines back to clustered subs, so I'm assuming he is using tops over subs.

Steve's solution is the best, assuming the "Thru A & Thru B" jacks pass the signal when the sub is off. If not, a couple of "Y" connectors will fix it (me...I'd remove the backplate and rewire it).
With a few exceptions, it is my opinion that the best way to a setup like this is to use a Driverack or similar piece of equipment. You just have infinitely more control over what is happening, and you will have an easier time sorting out the cause when a problem arises.

Having said that, there are exceptions. I currently run my ETX's in full range mode and use the EV on-board DSP for the crossover function of the speakers. It sounds phenomenal, and i haven't been able to re-create it yet with the driverack. I continue to work on it every time i have a gig with a little spare time after setup, and I will get there, but haven't gotten it yet.

I actually have a Driverack PX that I am going to get around to posting sometime soon for about $150. (I upgraded to a PA2 to get iPad control)
@Handinon Mainly tops over sub but I do cluster when I need extra bass (or I just step up to my bigger 15 inch sub - Behringer B1500D which is essentially the same as my B1200D only bigger box/driver). When clustered they are not far away from tops anyway. As I think I mentioned I did have the B1500D oriented where controller XLRs went into the sub first then then I passed thru to tops but at one gig the sub crapped the bed on me and took down both my tops at the same time (running in single sub mode with A & B inputs and pass thru via A&B outputs. I quickly rewired but was really pissed that the sub pass throughs were linked that way and dropped both my tops....
Like I say happy with the config I have but is contrary to what manuals say even though technically there is no difference the way I rig it up....
Very interesting. The only logical reason for having an "active" pass thru would be to provide a buffer or line driver stage. Some low-end controllers are usb (only) powered, so a short cable from the controller to the (clustered) subs, then a long cable (driven by the buffer/line driver in the sub) to the tops, would make sense. Other than that, I have no idea why Behringer would do it that way.
I hope that I missed this in the specs of the gorack somewhere, but I didn't see where they said it was a crossover also. Is that the case, no crossover?
Why not use both sets of outputs from your controller. Main to your tops, booth to your subs. Or run either of the outputs from controller to the gorack and process the set of speakers that need to be processed, subs or mains.
So just to be clear, as Steve mentioned, if you use the through connections on the sub to the tops instead of the outputs, does it still cutoff the signal when the sub is powered down?
If it's not a passive pass through, then yes. This is the same if you go to tops first.
Pretty sure that is what happened at the Marriot hotel gig I did last year. It was a jiggly power cable (perhaps) not seated correctly. When the sub died it killed the two tops. I tried it in a controlled setup in my garage and sure enough when I powered down the sub. I lost the tops....
In that instance I was using one 15 inch sub which has a stereo feed and a through jack for two channels if you look at the backs on the 12 inch subs in this thread. the 15's are pretty much identicle to the 12s save for size....
That is why it took down both tops...

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