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10 10 09_8598

10 10 09_8598

My previous amp rack and wireless mic rack.
Hey I have question for you? When you were running these amps, I think you said that you have all powered now,,,,,anyway...... Did you have the 30 hz cut dip switches on? I have burned a voice coil on one of my sw218v's.... Trying to do too much I believe. I had my crossover point set to different points @ 25 to 30 hz. Somewhere I probably might have pushed them a little lower.... Most PA drivers don't go below 30hz ,,,,, sooooooo I had my filter off on the amps and my clip limiters off! I do use the subsonice filters on my PA2 drive rack,,,, I have this impression in my head that I need to go lower for the type of music we play! Because I come from the car stereo world of 20hz is king,,, also I am into home audio ,,,,where My hand built custom subs will reach into 14 hZ at times with ease! So I should probable just be happy with 30hz reproduction right? Isn't that where it stands. Even in the powered subs no matter how big ,,,,18,,,,15,,,,or even 21 inch. I know some corner horns will probable reach a little lower,,,, but at a cost,,,,everything is a trade off, I understand that. What you think,,,,
Do most dj's live in a 30 hz world. Unless you want to pay for some 1,600 dollar Aura drivers that is? Or just build your own!!!!!

I was looking at some high end low end drivers like JBL SR728s the price is ridiculous,,,,, some would say that this is one of the best PA boxes, and I would probably agree,,,, they only have range of 27 and response of 33. So,,,,,, I will stop looking for sub 30's especially in my price range! all I will do I think is tear up voice coils! At 300$ at a time!
So for you,,,,freq cut on or off,,,,,clip limiter on or off?
Yes .. My Yorkville Unity subs were good to around 40Hz, so no sense it driving them with noise. Same reason all mic channels had a 80 or 100Hz low-cut filter.

If I were driving quality double 18s and using a DI on keyboards or bass, I might have defeated those, but I'm not sure there is any usable content on MP3s below 50Hz anyway .. at least not quality sound.

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