Where to set up?


DJ Extraordinaire
Jun 12, 2018
So i just did the set up for this last night... The party is tonight. So nice to be set up and ready to go... The back corner was right beside the elevator....main entrance for guests...so we opted to leave that area clear... i am located directly in front of the stone wall with the tv and hearth....at a catty corner. Speaker on either side.... moving heads are positioned over on either side of the brick wall (they have me projecting star gobos on the ceiling to fit the theme) with uplights going down the wall in between. They originally planned to do high top cocktail tables and no seating. But in the 11th hour the client chickened out and jammed in several sit down tables crowded back around the kitchen and hallway going to the back.... cool thing about the hallway is it has multiple nooks with cool seating in each...a nice little get away for the guests to chill... This venue serves as a high end realty company during the week... i visited the location and it was abuzz with realtors taking their clients into the various nooks to relax and discuss homes.

I will take plenty of photos for a gig report... The Sun doesnt sit behind the surrounding buildings til around 7:30 or 8... but the first 2 hours of the party will be filled with major direct sunlight .... id certainly recommend this company invest in some sort of automated blinds. would be much more condusive to summer weddings.

PRO TIP: always attempt to do your venue previsits around the same time the event will happen.. a lot can be learned about things like sunlight that can factor into your planned set up (if you have any control over it)