Replacement driver for 150W utility monitors

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DJ Extraordinaire
Nov 6, 2006
I replaced an ill speaker driver in a Berhinger B205 today using an adequately spec'd car audio driver. Mackie has a model, and there are literally over a half dozen other branded and unbranded similar models of these little utility monitors, but replacement drivers don't seem to be readily available.

I used a conveniently priced car audio coax speaker as a replacement for the 5.25" 100W rms 6 ohm Berhinger driver which readily fit the mounting and actually sounds slightly better (I know: is there anything that wouldn't sound better than Behringer... LOL) in mid and high clarity and a little deeper in the bass range. Otherwise, it performs right on par with the original.

If anyone has similar product with a bad speaker the part I used was: Polk Audio DB522 which is a 100W rms 4 ohm driver. Works well for foldback at meetings or presentations with Q&A. Not sure the 4 ohm load would be sustainable for the amp if you're trying to crank these out hard on a noisy music stage - but it does well for my purpose.