new abba music out

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RIP- My Dad (2011), Sister (2013) and Mum (2017)
Very ABBAesque. [YODA ]To themselves, true they are![/YODA]

I could see that on the soundtrack for the Cajun reboot of the 80's classic:


(Pronounced Zan-uh-do, but with "deaux" being derivative of the french "duex", meaning #2)
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well seems some are getting excited that ABBA is reuniting for new Studio releases - they are being paid a LARGE amount of money tho....

anyway wait and see what happens....
The new music was supposed to be out for the Holidays this year, but it looks like it will slip till early next year. The 2 songs .. I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down were supposed to be part of some UK Holiday Shows. Benny Andersson said “One is like a pop song from the Seventies. The other one is kind of timeless."

ABBA new songs DELAYED: Benny Andersson confirms bad news on huge comeback - (
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I am one of those excited people for the return of ABBA.

In light of all the absolute trash on the charts, I consider anything they'll release as "The Great Dance Hope Group" for non-club music. My fear is they will over-produce their impeccable sound to mask their matured voices.

With the success of Mamma Mia 1 & 2 movies, a whole new generation has been introduced fun music again.
Cher recently did a whole album of ABBA covers. Anyone like that or playing it?
I try to NOT play Cher as much as possible. No one has requested her in a long time.