Great article for Club DJ's


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Oct 1, 2014


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Sep 7, 2016
I think they oversimplified the argument way too much.

Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor and VJD all offer Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS). If you want to play on turntables, you can use any software and they're all good these days.

What they're referring to as Rekordbox, is true... Rekordbox acts as the library management system. But it's really playing digital content internally from a CDJ. Similar to calling Engine the software for the Denon Prime players. That's really more of an internal media.

They're ignoring the controller segment of the market entirely, which has been a huge change in how DJs (Especially mobile and beginner DJs) start learning and operating based on the wild cost savings.

Rekordbox is still relatively new on the DVS and Controller market scene. So it's only logical that they are gaining popularity, when you start from 0, the only place to go is up. I've heard that it is very stable, which is always a critical component for DJs. I've never had a true Serato crash (knock on wood), but I know DJs complain about Serato and it's stability. DJs that have had issues are probably the first that are willing to switch.
I'm used to Serato, so it would be tough to get me to change. But the thing I love most is how flexible it is across platforms. This month I've played sets on my SZ controller at mobile gigs, on a pair of CDJs in a lounge gig, and turntables at Nat's park for pre-game events. So using a USB drive for CDJs isn't an option for me. And real vinyl wouldn't be practical.

It feels like they couldn't figure out who this article was for. If it was for DJs, it left out too much. If it was just for the public... I'm not sure if anyone cares about that trend.


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Nov 6, 2006
You can't assume music is the underlying reason for someone being a DJ. People step on stage to perform and until you determine the motivation behind that performance - the role of the music (and choice of how to play it) remains a guess at best.