Spotify and MY music collection

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RIP- My Dad (2011), Sister (2013) and Mum (2017)
I've been playing with a paid subscription to Google Play Music for a bit and I don't think streaming is for me.

If I was just starting to collect music or if I didn't already have a huge collection, I'd be all over this.

Probably due to my OCD "must control" way of thinking is the reason.

I can't edit the genre's and still can't figure out the whole download procedure.

So I'm gonna stay in my safe comfy spot...which is to buy tracks which allows me the freedom to do whatever I want with them.

Yes, I'll be spending more $$, but hey it's my lone addiction and it needs to be fed. :monconfused:
Yes I think it will take a little longer to get use to how to do all this
I am having almost same type issues but then in Australia its a little different
so later on if I can figure this out i'll let you know how it is here