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    What 'upcharge' would you put on this request?

    It's not going to happen. What Chris's pictures show is that the single most contributing factor to an awesome wedding is - the PEOPLE. The barn is as real as the relationships that you see surrounding them. There's is no amount of up lighting or add-on that can compete with that. Upscale...
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    California AB-5: The Gig Law

    Hmm, sounds like you don't really pay attention to core services: Does your municipality pickup your trash or do you pay as you go? Do your school teachers get paid only 1/5 what the Mayor is paid? Is the council that sets/approves/raises the Mayor's salary also paid as a percentage of that...
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    Wedding venue chain shuts down; screws 7500 couples

    It's not a trap if the DJ finds the trending client type and trends themselves to be unattractive and unrewarding. It's not always about image. I for example, don't want to work for the Paris Hilton's of the world, nor do I care to make social media a priority in my life. For someone like me...
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    California AB-5: The Gig Law

    I wouldn't get my panties in a bunch over it. That test is nothing new. It has been used for decades by both the IRS and DOR in all 50 states. The mere fact that you have a contract for the gig places you outside the boundaries of the test. As has always been the case - the only entities at...
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    GRRR, Facebook

    When I was young (before the advent of the PC) I would have papers to write for school. You can't imagine how many pieces of paper I crumpled up and tossed aside before getting to even the second sentence. Your complaint seems to fall along the same lines. The world doesn't revolve around...
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    I do need some help! beginner hip hop dj

    There are no samples or tricks that can hide a lack of mixing skills. Are there solutions to your 130 to 80 BPM jump? Yes. But, using them effectively requires a lot of experience with mixing - on beat. First and foremost - think like a dancer not a DJ. Anyone who's on the dance floor moving...
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    Digital Song Request Service - DJ's Get Paid!

    You can't sell bottles to people who leave because the services and entertainment suck. The approach may vary but, the principles are the same whether it's a bar or a club.
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    Digital Song Request Service - DJ's Get Paid!

    I had a pretty good career as a club DJ and I can assure you that the music was not the core competency required for that job. The whole point of having a DJ in the club is to sell food and beverages. I love taking requests personally and interacting with the crowd because giving the people the...
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    Stop making some noise!

    If Jerry Springer is going on the Honeymoon they have bigger problems.
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    Stop making some noise!

    Well, there's your answer... he's in the habit of postponing enjoyment. Perhaps that party will end early too!
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    Stop making some noise!

    Maybe I'm spoiled but my crowds always dance. If you're having a dinner wedding then we WILL open the dance floor for a brief general dancing set right after the B&G first dance which you WILL do right after being introduced. Then you can do toasts and sit down to dinner. If not - you can...
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    So Much Music I Don't Own...

    It's not indie - more like chill music for the "imbibed."
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    So Much Music I Don't Own...

    Welcome to the age of the internet - where there are no roads. Perhaps it's cheaper to use a temporary streaming service than to buy stuff you are unlikely to use again? Now that people can find just about anything online - they do. If I were you, I'd download the less desirable content from...
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    I was cramping all night.

    I see a guy that is quite engaged socially with all these events he's attending. He seems to be living an enthusiastic life that is far more connected than most of his online critics. Good for you, Mix!
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    Time to Update the Laptop

    Well, next time you're seeking approval - try private messaging instead of internet posting.