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    What a way to end the wedding reception! Go out with a bang during the first dance, and tear the roof down! :)
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    Need help in picking a new mp3 player

    Check these options out. These seem to be low prices too...
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    Would you DJ a kids party and Facilitate games?

    I use to do them all the time in my 20s. Still did them in my early 30s, but as time went on I booked less and less of them each year. I think the last Bat Mitzvah I did was in 2018, and my son and I did a friend's 5 year old birthday party in 2019. Perhaps this is something that just comes...
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    Would you DJ a kids party and Facilitate games?

    I had two calls that I have not responded to yet. One came in Friday afternoon, and one came in yesterday. One is for a Barmitzvah next April for 3 hours. Wants a DJ to play games with the kids. Wants a price quote. She was referred by someone to me, and I did not recognize the name she...
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    Would you DJ a kids party and Facilitate games?

    At this point in your career as a DJ would you DJ a kids party where they want the DJ to be interactive, and facilitate games with the kids? Coke/Pepsi, Limbo, Hula Hoop Toss style games as an example.
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    Drinking the Bose kool-aid (again)

    That wouldn't fly at 95% of the venues I work at. Most of them don't have ceremony areas where you can just pull the car right up and park out of the way and to the side. The venues will require the car to be parked in the parking area. ...Also, and wedding with a wedding planner involved...
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    My first gig... sort of!

    That is basically how I feel. I believe in my current position/feelings about deejaying and life in general I can go more than 2 more years, probably another 5 or 6, but the joy of deejaying is diminished a good bit. I also don't have it in me any more for working so many weekends or 45+ events...
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    My first gig... sort of!

    I think that Chief Wiggum would be an excellent MC! Especially if he is in uniform 🤓 🤪
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    When to transition...?

    This is a good question. I am sure Taso does this, but does anyone else actually discuss mixing style with their clients prior to the event? For the longest time I did not discuss it, and it only came up in discussion when the bride or groom said that they "Don't like Remixes" or "We don't...
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    Would you DJ a wedding for $550 in 2021?

    If I never improved past the $300 Event Range as a DJ, I would have quit doing this a long time ago. Anybody who is heading out to do $250 and below events today are simply doing it for love of deejaying and treating it as a paid hobby, OR they are simply desperate to make money. Nobody...
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    Weddings Do you have your wedding clients fill out a planning form?

    A thousand dollars for a planning portal to me is a lot of money. DJ Event Planner is $120/year. I don't need to see a picture of my couples, especially if I had a skype meeting with them. There is also Face book if I wanted to snoop around to see what they look like, but I don't...
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    Anyone still use mirrored balls?

    My sister still has her Mirror Ball. She had to buy a replacement motor like 6 years ago. She still has her old stand for it where you put two lights on the floor base and supposed to point up at the mirror ball. Last time I used it, I C Clamped a Chauvet White LED pin light to the stand...
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    That is basically where I am at now that I am working 5 days a week/40 hours. I don't have time to chase events any more, so I find myself accepting more work from another DJ and I don't mind it. I'm also at a point to where I feel like I don't want to work more than 30 events a year, and I...
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    I agree that 2/3rds is fair. However, pertaining to depends the quality of the events. If another DJ says they have a wedding they would like to book me on, and they are only charging their customer $600, and wants to pay me a lousy $400...I am going to tell them to go kick...
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    As far as I know in the DC area, there is no DJ company, or agency willing to pay more than 67% NET to their sub contractors right now. There is literally no negotiation on it as far as I know and most want DJs to take 50% to 60%. Take the work, and agree to their terms, or they will go find...