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    Welcome Zman5,
    I'm glad you found ODJT for DJ information sharing.
    Please introduce yourself in this thread so we can get to know you.
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    NY born and raised. Living in NJ.
    Welcome to the board.
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    Mexico City
  4. Just Getting Started

    After years of attending school dances and wedding receptions I finally decided to give this DJ thing a shot. It always seemed like it would be fun. I'm always drooling over/acquiring bigger, better, louder home/car audio equipment. So I figured I could get some really cool equipment, have some fun, and get paid for it. Now here I am. The majority of my equipment is still in transit to my home, it should all be here any day now, and my very first gig is in two weeks. It's the back to school dance for the small (450 students) high school I graduated from. This seems like a great place for learning and I would greatly appreciate any tips, tricks, do's, or don'ts that you all have to offer. Thanks
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    Phoenix, AZ
    What type of equiptment?
    Do you have questions for us?
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    Welcome aboard ZMan5!

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    KBall2 :sqwink:
  7. Equipment is as follows:
    Dell Inspiron Laptop
    Inexpensive Behringer mixer
    BBE Sonic Maximizer
    American Audio VLP-1500 Amplifier
    (4) Gem Sound TR-150 Speakers on stands
    10ft. Truss with 8 lights (all pretty basic)

    Going to run the amp at 4ohms at which it will produce 750watts per channel RMS, speakers are rated at 300 RMS.

    I'm just crossing my fingers that this is enough power, and the 4 15" cones will produce an acceptable amount of low end for the roughly 200 high school students that will be in attendance at my first gig. Next upgrade (hopefully in a month or two is a second amp and two 18" subs). Right now I'm interested in figuring out the best way to set up my lights on the truss. Sould I mount lights to truss, then truss to stands and raise or vice versa?