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Nov 25, 2018
Hi, I'm Peter and I'm a swim coach....wait, that sounds like I should be in a 12 step program...I really should be but I digress.

Being a head swim coach has provided me the opportunity to MC quite a few team events (6 to 17 year olds plus parents) including "DJ-ing" (playing from an iTunes play list) and I've thoroughly enjoyed it! Everyone has a great time and I always get compliments on my presentation (music and video). It recently struck me that I could try venturing out into part-time dj-ing and if I fail miserably, I have a lot of fun gear and still get to enjoy the music (yes I'm single...)! I've always loved music and have lots of gear but coaching has opened up a whole new possibility!

So I discovered DJ pools (BPM Supreme & and have been testing out remixes on my swimmers (they seem to prefer the original radio versions sadly!), researching equipment & lights & software &! The team has a PA I use (Yamaha Stagepas 600) that I decided to get a sub for (DSX15 mkII)...very cool adding the I got another (decided 18's would be too heavy for me to move about but a second 15 works...we are typically in a gym or outside). Looking at getting a pair of Yamaha DXS12's for tops after I save up a bit since the PA is the teams, so once I have other events, it'll be time!

Got a Pioneer DDJ-400 and am having a blast learning how to transition between songs. There is so much to learn! We had a karaoke party but I just ran from my MacBook Pro (HDMI out to tv & headphones out to Stagepas) with YouTube and it worked out great but I want better. Very confusing figuring out the best setup for music/karaoke/video. It seems Rekordbox isn't quite there yet and VDJ seems to be used only by hardcore dj's of a different era but VDJ and to an extent Serato seem to be more versatile at the moment?

After reading about lights on here, it seems most views are fairly conservative and very pointed. The djs on YouTube seem to have different takes...from what I've seen. I decided to go with multi-fx lights, more bang for the buck lights to start with as the teens & tweens don't seem to be too picky (and like I said, if I fail miserably, they're very fun in my living room to practice on and at team parties/events):
(2) ADJ UV Flood 36 (a blacklight party is in the works for New Years!)
Looking at more UV at PSSL: Solena Max Bar 60 UV 20x3-Watt LED Black Light...$99 each seems to potentially be good to make sure we have full
coverage in the gym.

I appreciate and now have a much greater appreciation for PARs and moving head lights which will be next! I'm looking into wireless DMX and was hoping to utilize the lights part of Rekordbox but of course they don't support my lights yet! Hope to learn a lot on here and contribute as I learn and gain experience! Thanx in advance!


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Jan 25, 2015
Hello, I'm Agbai. I've been recently introduced to the event entertainment industry. I'm a software developer and I'm currently developing a mobile application (iOS and Android) for DJs which will be released early next year. If you want to find out more, visit MYXR - (
First off, welcome aboard! We hope to learn as much from you as you will from us! Before I follow the link to "find out more" what time of mobile application will MYXR be? Most of us are cautious when it comes to signing up for potential "junk".


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Sep 26, 2011
Prospect, CT
Welcome aboard @Swagbai ... We used to have an app developer here (before he passed) .. and he always had some funny posts .. so you will be expected to carry on the tradition.
Dec 5, 2018
First off, welcome aboard! We hope to learn as much from you as you will from us! Before I follow the link to "find out more" what time of mobile application will MYXR be? Most of us are cautious when it comes to signing up for potential "junk".
Thanks for the warm welcome BlueLineDJ. MYXR is an app that will allow you to stay organized, stay in contact with your clientele, and also generate leads. I can assure you that it’s not junk!
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Dec 13, 2018
Hi my name is Khan
Started Djing about 2 years ago and started to actually practice a lot lately
I use a Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk2 soon to be S4 if i save enough
The program i used is Traktor for the Ipad
Main genre of music is House and Techno
Have not played in any gig yet because of my age which is 17 and the fact the not a lot of people listen to my type of music since i am coming from New York City
Going to try in College but will see :D
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