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DJ Extraordinaire
Jan 25, 2015
Hi All! My name is DJ Commas! I have been Djing for about 11 years now off and on and I decided to take it a little more seriously about 2 years ago. Im a real techie type of dude. Im the guy that has the cameras all around the house, smart Tv;s smart phone smart house as a hold. So my DJ sets are no different. I have speakers that have water and bubbles , wireless DMX, I use drobes in my set. I bring FULL entertainment when I do a show. I love being kept up on the latest tech for my DJ sets. So naturally I stumbled onto this site and I love the tight knit team that is here. So wanted to give it a go. So thats me in a quick snapshot..
I'm curious as to what a drobe is and want to see a picture of speakers with water and bubbles!
Likes: TwinSpinDJ