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Hundred Acre Industry Icon
Feb 1, 2011
Western Maryland
You'd be surprised how often that script resolves the issue at question #2.

I answered the phone one night at a large multi-op supporting one of their DJs in the field:

DJ: I can't get the system to power up.
Me: Is everything plugged into the power strip in the rear of the rack?
DJ: Yes, I've got everything plugged into the strip.
Me: ...and you plugged the power strip into a wall outlet?
DJ: I can't. It's plugged into itself.

I realize people who are nervous often overlook the obvious but, juss because you CAN call for help, doesn't mean you should immediately want to.
You're basing your knowledge and experience of support on a single incident? I don't think anyone here is surprised that you're still looking for a loophole to try to make yourself right, but you're not. Customer service sucks anymore - and alot of it is because the level 1 'tech' knows very little and it takes you forever to reach someone with actual knowledge. Are there people where question @2 will solve the problem? Absolutely. Are there people with real problems that aren't getting resolved because it's 'someone else's fault'? Absolutely.
Jun 25, 2018
I run multiple drives and depending on the gig I'll use the appropriate drive. I usually take several and one master for every gig. HD's are getting ridiculously cheap not to have multiple drives set up and ready for any application you may need. But I do confess I don't do that part much anymore. I do the equipment and leave the spinning to someone else.