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Discussion in 'School and Teen Events' started by TinyTim, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Ask that the kids give you a playlist/requests 2 weeks before the prom - an urban school it's not hard to figure out what tehy want to hear - but a large rural school may want a lot more country, may not want much hip hop..or maybe they want a lot of it?

    I've done dances for school that border eachother and there is a huge difference in what they want to hear.

    If you don't have what they want - you're gonna be in big trouble. the kids WILL get in your face, as will the staff/chaperones.

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    Tim, even though you said that renting was cost prohibitive, since you are very new at this, maybe you should view it not as a money maker but as a prime opportunity to market yourself to what will obviously be future brides.
    Spend a bit on renting decent gear and lights, and find ways to promote yourself to the crowd.
    Since it's not a wedding, I think it might be a good opportunity for you to promote yourself while making the kids think they are part of the event. I'm thinking snapchat geofilters, facebook or whatever. You have an opportunity to really engage the kids here all the while promoting your service to future B&G. :)
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    Also, do you know any other dj's in your area?
    It wouldn't hurt to ask for their help as well.
    If you know another dj that has the gear to do the job then it might even be worth your while to employ them and their gear even if it will cost you money. At your stage in the game, the expertise acquired from someone more knowledgeable than yourself could be invaluable for the event while also providing future networking opportunities.
    If you plan to be in the game long term, eventually you may need someone to help you down the road if you get more events like this or have an emergency and need someone to cover for you.
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    There's no such thing as overkill ;)
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    Overkill better than underwhelm ...
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