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Urbane Legend
Sep 26, 2011
Prospect, CT
To me, a sub is of no use if I can't lift it, fit it in my SUV or deploy it easily.

I've owned 120 pound horn-loaded subs .. not sure I could move them the way I could years back.

I'll take a decent, clean sounding, light-weight sub that I can easily bring with me .. over one that I have to think about bringing.

Chuck The DJ

I know people.
Sep 28, 2006
Sebastopol, California
I’ve tried a couple times to use smaller subs every time I go back to a quality 18 I’m old and they are heavy, but they sound so much better
My old line of "if it ain't big and heavy it ain't shit" left me when I hit 60! LOL But as I said I still have my 18's for those events that I think I will need them.


DJ Extraordinaire
Aug 30, 2006
British Columbia
I think you dropped a letter - ELX 200 12SP.

At 42 pounds, my kind of sub. I think they look great paired with the 12" tops, which should also help with the 100 to 200 Hz "warm-full" sounding frequencies.
The stickers on the poles would last about two seconds for me!
How do you get those stickers off without scratching everything?
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