Netzero new broadband ad

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  1. DJ Extraordinaire

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    Just saw this on TV. Packages are very reasonably priced and if you go with the 200 meg limit (enough to download tracks at gigs), the only thing you pay for is the modem. Bandwidth is free.
  2. Papa Deuce

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    It is crappy netzero. I wouldn't touch it. I had them a long time ago, and just about the worst thing I ever paid for.
  3. Big Dan

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    New York
    I looked into to this a while back and IIRC it uses Sprint Towers. Depends on where you are but Sprint isn't very reliable in my area.

    Straight Talk has a similar pay as you go option: which is apparently on Verizon's network. Verizon generally has much better coverage vs Sprint.

    Personally, I modded my Straight Talk Android phone to enable tethering. I've used it in a pinch a couple of times when my home connection went down and I had to get back online.
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  4. DjDennis

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    I had netzero years ago and its CRAP - nothings changed
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