Last nights' gig

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DJ Extraordinaire
Dec 9, 2009
Hendersonville, TN
I saw something last night that literally brought me to tears.

The couple was wonderful. You couldn't ask for better clients. They moved here from NYC and he's a retired NYPD cop who was at 9/11. You saw a room shot in my lighting thread. A couple of other unique things; they had a top-notch jazz trio who played for the ceremony and the cocktail hour. Wonderful vibe. After the welcome speech, the husband had hired a lady singer to custom write and perform a song for his new wife. But that wasn't the kicker.

I found out that the bride's grandmother was on the verge of death and was expected to die last night. MOB told me later than grandmother had been hanging on, to see her grand-daughter get married. The bride's step-dad had grandmother on facetime and stood by the stage all during the ceremony, so the grandmother could be there (virtually). I got several shots during the ceremony where I was able to take a pic showing grandmother on the phone, with the B&G framed in the background, waving at her. After the ceremony, I told the bride, "I hope it's okay but I got some shots of the phone with you guys in the background." She started crying and hugged my neck. Folks, THAT was one of those rare, rare moments that makes all the rest of the guff that we put up with worth it all. Last night was one for the books.


DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 17, 2016
That's great. I had one last year where the 94 year old Grandpa had been a ballroom dancer. His wife had died over 20 years prior and he hadn't danced since. We played him and his wife's favorite song to dance to, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. He danced the whole song with his daughter and then danced to another one. The brides mom, his daughter, said that he could die tomorrow and be perfectly happy because he got to dance to his song one more time. What made it better is that I had a camera recording the dance floor all night. So I made a clip of him dancing and sent it to the brides mom. She was so happy.

Its all about creating memories.