Just used Square invoicing for the first time

Discussion in 'The Big Show' started by rickryan.com, Oct 1, 2014.

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    I'm really starting to love Square. The card reader is flawless and if I don't have my reader handy or they want to pay over the phone, the app handles it easily (1% overcharge). Today, I decided to use it to collect a balance on an event. I have to say, it was easier/faster than paypal. Very impressed with their product and the money goes straight to my bank account. No more waiting for money to transfer. Highly recommended.
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    Amazon is starting up a competitive service (Amazon Local Register). Just got a flyer in the mail. 1.75% card swipe fee or 2.75% without through 2015 (if you sign up by the end of Oct). 2.5% per swipe after 2015.

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    I used my account just the other day to get paid. The bride just manually entered her father's ccn and cvv code and his zip code and 'ding', I get paid!
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    yep. Love me some Square.