Gym Strobe Light

Discussion in 'DJ Lighting & Special Effects' started by Chuck The DJ, May 13, 2012.

  1. Chuck The DJ

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    Sebastopol, California
    Any recommendations on a good NON DMX high powered strobe light? Still want a controller kinda like my old Diversatronics thoughts?
  2. Randy A

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    Indianapolis, IN
    Ask Val what she's using .... they were bright and she had a pretty cool controller for them as well.
  3. Valerie Hicks

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    Eastern South Dakota
    We have 10 adj super strobes. Modifications had to be made to the controller to be able to drive that number. Because we also wanted nondmx (for independent control) we opted for a lot of them instead of 1 or 2 blinders. When we ran smaller systems we used 2 super strobes.