EF2 Tornado

Discussion in 'The Big Show' started by Precisionpower, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Appleton, WI
    Blew through my hometown last night... Made an absolute mess 110+ MPH straight line winds.

    Really wierd, Came outta nowhere. No warnings or sirens Nothing. Spent the day playing lumberjack at my house, My Dad's place, and a bunch of people in town that didnt have saws,

    Cool thing is the whole town just plugged in the generators, Grabbed there work gloves and chain saws, And went to work. It is simply amazing how much was accomplished in 1 day.

    Still lots to do, But the good thing is we are all still here safe and sound.
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    Bethlehem PA
    My neighborhood USED to be like that.
    After a snow storm, everyone would gather and chip in to clear the street, the sidewalks, and porches.

    It warms my heart to see a community come together for a common good.
    Glad to see that kind of spirit still exists!
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