ASUS R510CA-RB51 Laptop i5/6Gb/750Gb $500 at BJs

Discussion in 'Digital DJs' started by steve149, Jul 24, 2013.

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    If you're a member of BJs and need a laptop for gigging or for a student, they have (starting tomorrow) an ASUS with i5, 6Gb RAM, 750Gb HD, Bluetooth, etc. for $499.99. Only shortcoming I see is no dedicated graphics, but that should only be an issue to the video jocks (none of my DJ laptops have one).

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    Not bad Steve, but I didn't see a vga port. A must with me. Or I'm I missing something.
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    We're in the process of approaching what is being called " Analog Sunset ". With this all Analog will disappear on ALL new electronics manufactured starting at the beginning of 2014. Meaning expect to not see ANY more products with VGA in the very near future. If you want a computer with VGA, make sure and buy before 2014!
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