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    I was able to make it down to AES conference on last Friday. Like last year most was about recording and they only had a couple of speaker manufacturers of interest. KV2, Yamaha & Nexo. KV2 demoed their ESR212, ESR215 & EX15 All sounded great. Yamaha had their DSR, DXR & DBR & DXS sub. I never really considered Yamaha but I was really impressed with their DSR series with the DXS sub. Very a good sound & very high SPL. I could see using them. Now getting to Nexo they had four different systems all passive. Now I'm familiar with the name but I never had a chance to really check out them close up. The smaller system ID24 had a small array with two 4" drivers and a 10 inch sub cab. So, I am like thinking this would be nice for my living room until they turned it on. Wow, the sound which came out of this small system. Each system got larger but still compact enough to into a van. The largest which consisted of 2 STM M46 Main Modules, 1 STM B112 Bass Module, 1 STM S118 Sub Module. Well, the sound was absolutely Crystal clear and you can just feel the power of the system even at low-volume they had it at. Absolutely amazing.
    One other item I saw of interest was in the Rip-Tie booth. Their Rip-Lock wrap locks to the cable but comes with a key in case you need to remove it. Then they had a new item Rip Wrap, reusable wrap perfect for attaching wires to poles. They gave me a piece and I'm going to test it next month. All & all over the past 10 years it seems the AES doesn't attract all larger companies like EV, JBL and others that they used to years ago.
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    I was planning to go on Wednesday (I had registered for the expo part), but with leaving on vacation on Saturday, I just had too much to do to get down there. And yes, the Yamahas all sound very good and Nexo is da bomb (though they would need to get self-powered to get me interested).
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