Advertising works especially with luck added in

Discussion in 'DJ Marketing' started by Jeff Romard, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Sydney, Nova Scotia
    I have company jackets with my logo well displayed on the back. I wear it to gigs primarily and mainly during warmer months because it's pretty light but today I dropped some mustard on the jacket I normally wear when I was on the way out the door and the first one I grabbed was my DJ jacket

    I got to the grocery store and was walking through and got a tap on the shoulder and a lady asked me about being a DJ. We had a grand old conversation in the produce section and I just emailed her a contract and received a deposit for June 22/2019.

    I think I'll wear it more often lol

    Here is the back of the jacket

    Jacket 1.JPG
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    A jacket's a GREAT idea!... I think I'll give it try! I wear a jacket pretty much every day from November through March. Maybe I'll even put a LARGE logo and phone number on a shirt I can wear on warmer days. Couldn't hurt??

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    The jacket was the ice breaker but I'm sure it was your charm and wit that sealed the deal.;)
    Well done!
  4. DJ Extraordinaire

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    Hendersonville, TN
    Maybe you need to splatter that logo across all your personal vehicles? Just imagine all the inquiries it would get..................
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    I have branded jackets and get comments every now and then.
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  6. dunlopj

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    Belair MD
    Old school style rears its beautiful effective head! That is refreshing to see and hear!
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  7. DJ Ricky B

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    I have had people stop me when they saw my Polo with my Logo on it. A jacket with the contact info on the back is a good idea!
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    I called the number on the back of the jacket and all I got was moaning and some lady saying.....

    Oh wait, it was a 902 area code on the jacket...not 900, wrong number.