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  1. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Ceremony System

    I just purchased this system at MBLV21. I am going to use it primarily for ceremonies and I think it fits the bill perfectly. S600 Series Portable PA Solutions Small and lightweight Battery operated! Good sound Good mixer section Wireless mic receiver built-in Rolling bag/case What I bought...
  2. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy!

    I just ordered these LOVE letters from Eliminator Lighting. I figure I can rent them out for $250-$300 which makes for a fantastic ROI. I'm taking them to a wedding show on the 19th. I'll see how well they are received. As far as I know nobody in my area has them. View...
  3. STLRiverCityDJ

    Don't buy cheap GC cables!

    It used to be that Guitar Center had decent cheap XLR cables. They recently redid their packaging and took the quality to shit. I bought a 50ft that I needed at the last minute. It didn't work. I opened it up to find this: Crap soldering, no strain relief, and one wire wasn't even there!
  4. STLRiverCityDJ

    What are you doing tonight?

    This is the biggest night of the year to go out and party. So what am I doing? I'm tearing apart a Chauvet 350 LED Spot to figure out why it isn't dimming properly. I figured it was the LED driver, and it looks like I am correct. If I had a tracing scope it could confirm 100%, but a parts swap...
  5. STLRiverCityDJ

    Corporate Events Setup Suggestions for Reverberant Room

    I am setting up for a trivia fundraiser tomorrow night. The room is a "multi-use" room. In other words, a concrete box. I was in the room the other day and when empty it is an echo chamber. The room measures 90' deep by 45' wide, the ceiling is 19'. There is a permanent carpeted stage at one...
  6. STLRiverCityDJ

    Weddings Order of Events

    This may have been discussed before, but I'd like to bring it up again. What is the typical order of events for your reception? Mine is: Cocktail Hour Introductions Cake Cutting (Option 1, especially if cake is on dance floor) Welcome Toasts (Option 1) Blessing Dinner Toasts (Option 2)...
  7. STLRiverCityDJ

    Weddings Last Night

    Last night I had the honor of DJing a really good friends wedding. I have known Dean for over 6 years and Lily for 4 years. This was also the first wedding I used my new X32. It really cleaned up the toasts and announcements. It also have me fast and easy sub volume adjustment. It did exactly...
  8. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy

    So, I just got this today. It will really help with the bigger gigs when I have delay speakers and a videographer feed. Plus I won't have to worry about the mic inputs on my MC6000 clipping anymore! This will really be useful for Float Bash 2017. We may have as many as 4 different DJs with...
  9. STLRiverCityDJ

    Things that Don't Actually Make You A Better DJ

    Has anyone seen this article? Things That Don't Actually Make You A Better DJ -