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  1. STLRiverCityDJ

    Equipment recommendations

    Do you already have an iPad or Andriod tablet? For the same price at that Mackie analog mixer you can get a Behringer X12. A digital mixer will be much more flexible and has more tools included.
  2. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Ceremony System

    I usually setup the speakers at the rear of the room so they aren't in the pictures. I did think about that, but it's something I can definitely work with.
  3. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Ceremony System

    I just purchased this system at MBLV21. I am going to use it primarily for ceremonies and I think it fits the bill perfectly. S600 Series Portable PA Solutions Small and lightweight Battery operated! Good sound Good mixer section Wireless mic receiver built-in Rolling bag/case What I bought...
  4. STLRiverCityDJ

    Ceremony only

    I priced it where it would be worth it to me to go out for the day. My prices aren't posted anywhere so the client would have to ask. No matter, I've never been asked if I offer ceremony only. Usually they ask if I do ceremonies after asking about the reception.
  5. STLRiverCityDJ

    Ceremony only

    If I'm only doing a ceremony I charge closer to $900 because it likely means I won't have time to do a reception as well because of drive time or other logistics. If it is an add-on to a reception I charge about $400.
  6. STLRiverCityDJ

    18, 18, 18..nobody getting married THIS year?

    Recently I've been booking brides into early 2019! Those girls are definitely planning ahead!
  7. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy!

    The types of signs you are talking about only look good from a distance. If you see them up close all you see is a bunch of LEDs. A TV works much better at closer distances.
  8. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy!

    So I finally got home yesterday and was able to unpack and check them out. First thoughts: Cheaply made, as you would expect for the price. Won't be durable, frequent repairs will be needed. There was a small crack on the bottom of the E. All the other letters were fine. Poor finish work. Not...
  9. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy!

    They showed up today but I am out on the road until Saturday. I'll report when I get the boxes opened and see the condition they are in.
  10. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy!

    I do take advice, all the time. By the time you gave me your experience they had already shipped. All I can do is inspect them on delivery and accept them if they are undamaged. If I feel they aren't worth the price I can always send them back. I paid under $400 including shipping. If I get 2-3...
  11. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy!

    They are already on the way. Hopefully I will have better luck with them! I will have a road case made for them if I feel they are going to last long enough. I'm glad I didn't order that case already!
  12. STLRiverCityDJ

    New Toy!

    I just ordered these LOVE letters from Eliminator Lighting. I figure I can rent them out for $250-$300 which makes for a fantastic ROI. I'm taking them to a wedding show on the 19th. I'll see how well they are received. As far as I know nobody in my area has them. View...
  13. STLRiverCityDJ

    cell service

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, one iPad, and two hotspots with AT&T. Unlimited everything except for data which is 60GB. All the phones are on the payment plan and my bill is around $360. Seems like a lot but the service is reliable and the data is fast when I use my phones as...
  14. STLRiverCityDJ

    Responding To Leads

    Email followed up with a phone call or vice versa. Multiple points of contact are always best.
  15. STLRiverCityDJ

    Lighting software

    The professional fixtures typically have a feature called RDM (Remote Device Management) that talks from the fixture to the controller when 5-pin DMX cables are used. This works great when it does work. You just plug in and all your fixtures patch automatically. Most DJ gear doesn't have this...
  16. STLRiverCityDJ

    Moving heads..what/where to mount (position)?

    Some lights can be mounted in any position, some only upright or upside down. The manual should tell you. If it doesn't say I would contact the manufacturer to find the answer. If that fails, assume only upright or upside down. The difference is if the bearings are designed to take the stress...
  17. STLRiverCityDJ

    Something Somewhat DJ related at Sears

    Glad it isn't Beats headphone on there.
  18. STLRiverCityDJ

    NON-WEDDING Dinner Playlist Suggestions?

    Maybe take a look at Postmodern Jukebox. Some of it works, some of it doesn't. A bride turned me on to them and I've used it for wedding and non-wedding events.
  19. STLRiverCityDJ

    How long are your balanced signal cables

    The current Alto unit uses frequencies that are no longer safe to use for reliable operation. The new PRO unit still hasn't shipped 2 years after it's announcement. You can run balanced cables for hundreds of feet without issue. I have a few 100' cables and sometimes add another 25-50' to them...
  20. STLRiverCityDJ


    What about the Denon MC6000MK2? I have the original and it still works like a champ. It is a controller and a digital mixer all in one. So it can do exactly what you want and it can also be used as a controller for Serato, VDJ, Traktor, or OtsAV.
  21. STLRiverCityDJ

    Suggestions for business card

    I used Vistaprint to make my logo and buy the cards. I got the thickest card they made. People always make comments on that, so I think it was worth the price. Anything to make you stand out in a good way is great.
  22. STLRiverCityDJ

    Alto Stealth Pro

    I'm buying as soon as they are selling.
  23. STLRiverCityDJ

    American DJ Roadshow

    Chauvet is doing the same thing. They are coming to St. Louis on Wednesday the 7th. I don't know where else they are going, it doesn't seem to be on their website or facebook page.
  24. STLRiverCityDJ


    As far as the weight goes, that's why God invented casters and ramps. I'd guess my cable cases weight 200lbs. Easy to roll on a floor and I carry a Harbor Freight ramp that has held up OK over the last year, considering how cheap it was. I'm considering getting a second so I don't have to fully...
  25. STLRiverCityDJ


    Here's a Gator bag for up to a 45" TV for $100. There are hard cases for under $300. Granted they may not hold up to continuous use and transport, but if you are only doing it once a month or so my guess is they would be fine. Gator G-LCD-TOTE-LG