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  1. Scott Hanna

    I hope I get this gig.

    Good luck. Good follow up is important, just don't want you to sound desperate by leaving 4 messages. This is a holiday weekend. Give them a few days to respond before contacting them again. I let people know that June will fill up for us. It ALWAYS does. Whatever or whomever you are...
  2. Scott Hanna

    Cheap moving heads

    ive never owned a Audi, Mercedes’, or BMW. But I know people who have. Those brands have immense brand loyalty because they offer a great experience. The extra cost of a great vehicle experience is not something I’m interested in paying for. But I’m pretty sure a new Mercedes would be more...
  3. Scott Hanna

    Column array imminent purchase

    I think with whatever choice you go with, you’ll love the ease of transportation and set up. Evolve 50’s are another great choice I demo’d and are similarly priced to the pro 16’s
  4. Scott Hanna

    Column array imminent purchase

    L1 pro16's. 2 would be $3400. They offer a 45 day trial
  5. Scott Hanna

    Cheap moving heads

    Yes, it happens. In my experience, it just happens a lot more with cheap gear. I'm certainly not saying that every thing I've bought cheap has been a disaster and every name brand item I bought has been perfect. But in general terms, I rarely have any issues since I decided that good quality...
  6. Scott Hanna

    Be Nice

    It's an example to show a point. The person in the example being a friend or acquaintance is not of any consequence to a recommendation of being nice and has nothing to do with authenticity.
  7. Scott Hanna

    Cheap moving heads

    I agree. The chances of getting lucky increase with not having to move them. I still believe chances are better with buying good gear. I also find good gear often ends up being less expensive to use overall as it lasts much longer and holds resale value, even when 6 times more expensive...
  8. Scott Hanna

    Cheap moving heads

    I don't like spending money I don't have to. I love getting a deal. But my life got much easier when I stopped buying cheap stuff. Yes it's possible to get similar performance long term. But it's highly unlikely. At 1/6th the price, maybe you can put up with lower performance or lower lifespan...
  9. Scott Hanna

    I bought a few things this week to use for the business.

    The assumption is if you being rushed to buy cords on eBay and bought 18, you paid very little for each one. Skimping on power cables can come back to bite you in the behind. Longer length, lower gauge cords are going to be better, heavier, longer lasting, harder to lose. More expensive yes...
  10. Scott Hanna

    Need a new music source

    I also have the discussion with clients. I talk about the flow of the evening and how, along with their requests, I'll play songs my experience will show that they will flow and mix well with what's going on. When people are filling a list, they never consider how these songs are all going to...
  11. Scott Hanna

    JBL Eon Compact

    does the mic work ok in another sound system. What wireless mic? any other mic work in the system? Same issue in any channel?
  12. Scott Hanna

    Would you DJ an event on Christmas Day?

    This one will be a tough one for our family with the recent passing of my sister. But I think it’s more important than ever that we are there for each other.
  13. Scott Hanna

    Would you DJ an event on Christmas Day?

    Pretty much a no. But as Taso mentioned, I’m sure there’s a number that could change my mind.
  14. Scott Hanna

    Be Nice

    It is starting to get difficult😁
  15. Scott Hanna

    Review from this past weekend

    Well done!
  16. Scott Hanna

    Be Nice

    I can't relate. I don't have any vegan friends 😂
  17. Scott Hanna

    How many have recovered in this DJ business from the Pandemic?

    Everything back to normal and then some. Very busy year.
  18. Scott Hanna

    Be Nice

    To me, it's all about how you word something. You can disagree. Disagree with passion, even. But it's important to remember that we are guests on someone's website. Everyone is free to start their own website and be as mean as they feel they need to be. Also, if you truly believe in your...
  19. Scott Hanna

    Weddings Some DJs Have QUIT Doing Weddings And I Understand Why

    I say not much has changed. People change. People get older. Preferences change. I don't like doing school dances any more. I'd much rather do a wedding. I enjoy the mcing part and I enjoy encompassing the different genres properly. I also love hearing the satisfaction from people when the party...
  20. Scott Hanna

    Be Nice

    What if they aren't Cleveland fans? I know I just about everyone is, but there's always a few!😄
  21. Scott Hanna

    Where is Steve?

    He was truly a class act and is sorely missed. Terrible at picking sports teams though. Cost me a couple 6 packs😄
  22. Scott Hanna

    This weekends wedding reception was the most expensive I've ever heard of.

    300. Yes, show their card AND take a test to show they don't currently have it
  23. Scott Hanna

    This weekends wedding reception was the most expensive I've ever heard of.

    She required everyone to be vaccinated, so you were out of contention for being the entertainment. She chose Coldplay as the entertainment instead
  24. Scott Hanna

    Bose L1 Model ii vs RCF Evox 8...which system can handle larger events effectively?

    16 would be a fantastic fill. I thought you were thinking about using them side by side😄