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  1. Ausumm

    Should I Be Worried

    Okay, so my first gig since the sh*t hit the fan is Saturday, September 26th at a venue which has inside/outside seating. It's a 50th Birthday party, so it shouldn't need a LOT of new music. Problem is, I haven't added ANY new music since February. I got a new car in March, and it has lousy FM...
  2. Ausumm

    The Git Up

    Is anyone having any success with this song? Is it only popular with country crowds? I played it for the "kids" at the Hill School gig last weekend... and they kinda reacted like they never heard it before. View:
  3. Ausumm

    American DJ Dotz Tpar

    Anyone know how to program a scene with static red and blue colors? I want to use it for patriotic events. I am thinking...white on the ends and one blue and one red in the middle.
  4. Ausumm

    Numark DJ2GO

    I have the original Numark DJ2GO, which came with the LE edition of Virtual DJ. After wiping/restoring my laptop...I realized that I no longer have the key code to download the free version of the software. And of course, it's been so long that I don't have any receipt or record of purchasing...
  5. Ausumm

    Half of the Job

    This thought came to me after reading several of Mix's questions about getting gigs. Whether this advice will be heeded, is another story...but I thought is was worth sharing. I have a wedding tonight for Aaron and Brianna. I got the gig, because they were at Gabe and Beth's wedding I did many...
  6. Ausumm

    Lads and Lassies

    This weekend is the annual Celtic Classic Highland Games and Music Festival in Bethlehem, PA. If anyone was planning on making the trek, let me know. These young lads showed up one year, and their life hasn't been the same!
  7. Ausumm

    Patience Is A Virtue

    I was all gung ho about LightRider and MyDMXGo not so long ago. I had just bought a pair of Lixada mini beam movers, and wanted to use my tablet to control them. But my tablet never recognized my I thought about getting MyDMXGo, but didn't have the money. Sine then I have seen a lot...
  8. Ausumm

    Weddings A New Ceremony Plan

    I just thought this was incredibly unique. What a great new idea on setting up for a ceremony!
  9. Ausumm

    In Case This Makes You Feel Any Better

    Are you sick and tired of getting requests for Baby Shark? Great news! If you are hell bent on NOT playing it....EVER.... and if they aren't savvy enough to request the name of the ARTIST.... You now have a second option Baby Shark (alternate version)
  10. Ausumm

    My New Dilemma

    Yeah, when it comes to my DJ business....I have a problem. I get an idea in my head....and my brain won't let it go until I either: figure out a way to make it work... or explore every option and decide it's not gonna work out. So, my latest dilemma is my light show. I am currently putting most...
  11. Ausumm

    Laser Safety

    I just hope that SOME mobile DJ's don't see this.... View:
  12. Ausumm

    NOT a Confidence Builder...

    Was browsing "LED DJ lights" on Ebay... and I came across this prime example of broken English in a product description: "Introductions: This bi-sides head-moving light with one side be painted while the other is light beam. Shock your eyeball with colorful beams of light ! Compact size and...
  13. Ausumm

    Virtual DJ Lite (LE)

    I have a Numark DJ2GO that came with Virtual DJ LE. I recently had to restore my laptop, and now I cannot re-install it, since I no longer have the "KEYCODE". Anyone know of a solution, or have a keycode I can use?
  14. Ausumm

    LED Light For My Rack

    Not sure where to put this.... it's a question about LED lights, but for illuminating my rack. Would the DIMMER switch on this light cause interference with my Mp3 player
  15. Ausumm

    Rack Light

    Anyone have a 19" LED rack light for sale? Like this: I don't need one with colors, don't need one with outlets, or a remote. Wouldn't pass on them if the price is right, and if it's not too deep. (front to back) They are hard to find (in stock) and the ones I do find are $60 to $90. Or...
  16. Ausumm


    I am doing a "fiesta" themed party this evening, and I just got a very vague text about playing a song called "Fiesta" b y Justin Bieber. I looked on Amazon, Youtube, and and found NO such song by the Bieb's. Thug person who texted me is not the requester, and he also included the...
  17. Ausumm

    Controlling Chauvet Colorstrip

    Since I have now entered the slippery slope known as DMX... I am starting to re-consider using some of my old effect lights....but in a new way. Since the Dotz par system throws more colored light than I could hope for, I wanted to add a chasing WHITE ONLY light to break up the color(s). Since I...
  18. Ausumm

    Speaker Stand Bags

    I am in desperate need of new speaker stand bags. I need the double compartment version, but I needed to be very heavy duty. the last two that I bought disintegrated in a matter of days. I need some very strong canvas. Are the Utimate stand bags the best ones out there?
  19. Ausumm

    DMX or NOT to DMX

    I have always been a "sound active" guy when it comes to lighting. All I need is a few on/off switches and I am good to go! So, last year, I upgraded to the ADJ Dotz TPar system. I usually mount my non DMX Starball on top. The remote for the Dotz is perfect for basic functions, especially the...
  20. Ausumm

    Ceremony Mic

    Like many of us, I use your basic lavalier mic for the officiant when I am doing ceremonies. And much like any lav mic, it pics up the officiant fine, as long as they don't turn their head... but doesn't get anything from the bride and groom when they speak. I normally put a handheld wireless in...
  21. Ausumm

    What A Crock!!! (I think...)

    Got this email from The Knot Only problem is, I don't remember ever signing up with The Knot. In fact, I went there and searched, and couldn't find myself. It could be because they have me listed as "Philadelphia"...which I am nowhere near. (I am in Bethlehem, PA) could be that the...
  22. Ausumm

    Another "Unique" First Dance

    Yes, at first, it appears to be another first dance where the DJ pretends to mess up the song. I was expecting a record scratch SFX into a choreographed dance number. But this is pretty cool. Yeah, you've probably seen this thing before.... but the bride's reaction is pretty good!
  23. Ausumm

    Emergency Music Question

    Got a gig on Friday (tomorrow!) for a friend's surprise birthday party. His wife texted me some artists that he likes. There are two that I am not familiar with. (I've heard of them, just not familiar with their songs) I was hoping to get a few suggestions on what songs from these artists were...
  24. Ausumm


    At my final gig of the year, I determined that there is an issue with one channel of my mixer. Some of the signal is being lost, mostly bottom end, and it sounds pretty bad. I have owned this Stanton RM80 for a Long time, so I am considering buying something new, rather than buying used or...
  25. Ausumm

    DJ Apps

    Got a new smartphone for Christmas/Birthday.... (Motorola Moto G4) For curiosity, did a search for DJ APPS...and found way too many. Any suggestions on a FREE one, that is good for playlists? In other words, I don't want to load single songs onto Deck A or Deck B, and start each one manually...