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  1. IceBurghDJ

    Covid changed society or is it my Van?

    Everybody here said to not put my name/logo on my van. I did anyway. Now, in the 8 or 9 years I've been DJing i've gotten 2 tips I think, maybe 3. Until I got the van, or is it covid? 9 out or 10 times i"m getting tips - like 20% sized tips. Same gear, same music, same prices, some process on...
  2. IceBurghDJ

    3D printer...all sorts of projects are possible

    I've wanted a 3D printer for a long long time. Finally broke down and spent $250, and another 100 on filament to print. Got a lot of things to print off Thingiverse for my Dillon press for reloading. Then I got a tesla charger holder (finally got my tesla Y a month ago). Then it's time to...
  3. IceBurghDJ

    Weddings Interesting wedding yesterday...aftereffects of covid I suppose

    People keep rescheduling wedding because of covid last year - 2 weeks ago did a reception as they wedding was in 2020, just the couple and close family. THey played a fantastic video of the ceremony for the guests at the reception. First dance was the only event. yesterday was my 'harry potter'...
  4. IceBurghDJ

    Outfitting a van

    Been a rough, long, profitable weekend. Car broke down, rented a car (expensive IF you can even find one to rent). And bought a van, a 2003 ford econoline cargo van in excellent condition, 122k miles, only $3500. The previous owner had outfitted it for some camping - the rear is completely...
  5. IceBurghDJ

    WTH is up with used van prices?

    With two vehicles getting older I thought maybe I'd get a 'back up' vehicle..choices being something fun (miata, mustang) or something practical, like a van for the DJ biz and other misc uses. I last looked about 3 years ago...a 70k mile used van was $5-6k or so. SAME DEALER today? 13k! (used...
  6. IceBurghDJ

    Have you heard this yet? - what's new to listen to!

    Want something different to listen to? Not that radio station specifically (though country music on a norhtern ireland station...hmmm) it's a map of the world and every green dot is a radio station playing live. Click and listen! I've been...
  7. IceBurghDJ

    Pixel mapping lights?

    Came across this page... Anyone do any pixel mapping fixtures? Thoughts? View:
  8. IceBurghDJ

    Projector choice?

    Looking to get a projector, don't have a grand to spend. What I have is an OLD 2200 lumen epson. Looking at a couple of BenQ models, 4000 lumen and under $500, new. Yes, I've read 5000 lumen is better...but they're double the price. Use is monograms at weddings and at times a 100" screen for...
  9. IceBurghDJ

    Anyone try a Mini-PC?

    Tripped across this type of PC recently...many youtube videos, brands, etc. Some are hellaciously powerful, some insanely cheap. A video I watched I guy took an Asus Ryzen 4500 cpu box, added 512gb SSD (looked like memory stick), 16 gb of ram - total $580 - it can run 4 monitors at 4k! My...
  10. IceBurghDJ

    Need 90 minutes of 'harry potter themed music'...ideas?

    Just booked a wedding for July and the bride is buying it, photobooth, uplighting and monogram. She filled out my planner and is asking for harriy potter themed music for ceremony seating AND cocktail hour... I've seen the movies, years ago now when they were 'new' and my kids young...
  11. IceBurghDJ

    Looking for music? Here's an idea

    ON a FB group someone, as usual, asked "where do I start to get music" and it was suggested marketplace or craigslist and buy CD 'collections' from people. Interesting idea...poster claimed to get CDs as cheaply as eight cents a piece! I didn't do nearly that well, but locall got 53 CDs for...
  12. IceBurghDJ

    Weddings First wedding...we're doomed I"m afraid

    Did my first wedding since, well, a long time ago. First event since february. Outdoor venue, 130 or so guests and while the facility had signs and the manager told me masks must be worn...while her staff did wear theirs...NOBODY else did. Including the catering staff, bartending staff (no...
  13. IceBurghDJ

    It's not a party till the cops come!

    Cops break up ‘corona party’ of 47 people – including DJ – in man’s apartment
  14. IceBurghDJ

    AHA! I may have 'fixed' my dmxgo

    Never worked would work for a minute then quit. Since I got my chinese rockwedges they have no DMX cable, it's their remote control or wifi... I've had ZERO luck making them do ANYTHING, so I dug out an older par and it won't work either, which got me googling. Seems the DMXgo box...
  15. IceBurghDJ

    What 'upcharge' would you put on this request?

    I got a local bride that is getting married in New River Gorge WV request a quote/services for her wedding... OK, she said it's a DOUBLE wedding, NRG is 4 hours ONE WAY from my location (which she knows). She wants ceremony outside, 6 hours reception inside, uplighting. Plus, it's a double...
  16. IceBurghDJ

    China is shut down!

    So I ordered my uplights from both in china and asked when might i see them. They replied, and I quote: So, I guess all of China is shut down for a while. I wonder what the backlog will be, if shelves will be empty here?
  17. IceBurghDJ

    Cheap uplighting...?

    I've offered uplighting on my website, don't 'sell' it to every bride as I don't have lights. Had 3 inquiries in 4 years, quoted a price (i can rent them) and no takers. So far this year I've had 3 inquiries... SO, I'm thinking of trying cheap uplighting - 110v no battery (cost mostly), IR...
  18. IceBurghDJ

    Karaoke Karoake? Is it worth it? What gear/software?

    So I'm seeing more requests for karaoke, the local bar I do a few gigs asked if I do it... So, is it worth it? Gear: - have a couple of inexpensive mics, VDJ can do it but was thinking karafun as I have no library of songs. Figure to need a TV, perhaps 2? One to face the singer(s) and one for...
  19. IceBurghDJ

    Xmas Dance Songs?

    I have a christmas party this weekend and they would like xmas music for some of the night and dance for the rest, after dinner and such. Just wondering if there are any 'dance' christmas songs? Slow maybe, it's a company party not sure how many will slow dance. So what can I say, mix after...
  20. IceBurghDJ

    Weddings Country Wedding..gonna work or be a bust?

    Just booked a wedding for April. Barn wedding. Bride wants, no, DEMANDS, only country music. No cupid shuffle, no motown. Of course no rap or hip hop. No bruno mars, MJ, uptown funk, etc. I have my doubts this will go very well.
  21. IceBurghDJ

    videos on Youtube or ?

    OK, so I'm working on improving my marketing online, and so I created a YouTube channel with my DJ name. Up to now I've just posted videos to Facebook (no issues at all) and my personal youtube...only diff on the youtube is the biz one is under that name (iceburghdj) vs my own real name, and...
  22. IceBurghDJ

    Screen for projector..what's good?

    I have a 3500ish watt projector laying about and a web Virtual DJ I can patch the cam to the projector and say, show the kids at a dance dancing on the the 'wall', I can also put up lyrics, karaoke (not that I want to do that!), advertisements, etc. I could also do a monogram at...
  23. IceBurghDJ

    School & Teen Events Big Dance? What is success?

    So I posted last week inquiring where to place speakers at a HS dance. Well, turned out to be the smallest dance I've ever done. And that caused a change in setup. They marketed it for 2 weeks..didn't sell a single ticket till wedneday. typical dance there has 150-200 kids. They emailed late...
  24. IceBurghDJ

    School & Teen Events Best location for speakers?

    Doing a school dance and have 3 options for setup...used 2 in the past, not sure what's best, or distance from the wall. Setup is for 200 kids (so they always say), cafeteria (all hard surfaces, 9' or so ceiling). Which wall and how far off the wall? Gear is 2 18" powered subs and 4 12"...
  25. IceBurghDJ

    WTH is up with people procrastinating?

    Did a gig for the arm last week - they booked 6 days before. Booked a school's the 16th. Today got a call for a wedding, meeting them thursday. Date? April 20. Lots of last minute folks out there, a trend i've noticed and now it's getting to be extreme.