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  1. BlueLineDJ

    Bride's Request

    Take a gander at this song my bride had my play at last weekend's wedding. Luckily it was late in the night when I finally got around to playing it. When she requested it early on I swore she said Miley Cyrus so I played party in the USA. When she came back up later she clarified herself...
  2. BlueLineDJ

    Facebook Muting

    So every year I DJ a local fundraiser that is a lip sync battle. I provide the music and various groups get together and perform. They are video'd and then published to Facebook. Of course Facebook will sometimes mute the audio due to "copyright" jargon. This is a non-profit fundraiser for a...
  3. BlueLineDJ

    FB Live Stream Question

    Alright, here is what I've been assigned to figure out. Saturday evening, our city is wanting to do their annual Christmas Tree lighting virtually of course, outside downtown. They are wanting to stream it on the city's Facebook page live. After the tree is lit, they want to simply pan up and...
  4. BlueLineDJ

    Product Recommendations

    So I have a 4 panel façade with the white stretch fabric across it that goes in front of my setup. So far I've used 2 Chauvet DJ Colorstrips that are the 4' long ones to light it up and use the IRC remote to control them. I'm looking for something else, maybe with better color mixing Also, I...
  5. BlueLineDJ

    Church live Streaming

    So I've been tasked with spear heading a committee to seek out, purchase, and have installed live streaming system in our church. We are looking at a 4 PTZ camera system. These matter of fact ( with the 20x zoom. The vendor says we would need to run an...
  6. BlueLineDJ

    Weddings Tim Tebow - A Night to Shine

    Has anyone been asked or been involved with this program? For those unfamiliar its a prom style evening for individuals with special needs. They get all dressed up, offer photos, limo and carriage rides, walk the red carpet, etc. They also offer karaoke in a separate room.I've been asked for...
  7. BlueLineDJ

    School & Teen Events Graduation Ceremony

    Got the call yesterday for a high school graduation ceremony. It's a Catholic High school and they have found a way to have a graduation ceremony with guests. They are having it at the end of a mass, and therefore since mass is involved, they can have over 50 people in attendance. They must...
  8. BlueLineDJ

    XLR Cables

    Where does everyone recommend quality XLR cables with various lengths with quick shipping from?
  9. BlueLineDJ

    Status Check

    Hey jus checking in to see if you sustained any damage from the tornado that struck the Nashville area last night. Last I heard , 7 dead, and numerous still missing.
  10. BlueLineDJ

    TikTok Challenge

    So I've received two inquiries this past week about whether or not I can do a TikTok challenge for some after prom events. I'm aware of what TikTok is, but how would a tiktok challenge work? Anybody done one or seen one in action?
  11. BlueLineDJ

    The Next Git Up or Old Town Road

    "Experts" (I use that term loosely) say that this is the next hit along the same path as the git up or old town road. I'm not so sure they are right on this one. View:
  12. BlueLineDJ

    Roland DJ-707M

    I've never used a mixer like this before. I've always just used the built in mixer within Megaseg on my Mac for as long as I've been in business. I've always wanted one but found it hard to bite the bullet mainly b/c of price. Seen this one popping up a lot lately on websites. Thoughts on the...
  13. BlueLineDJ

    Future Christmas Hit

    Who has downloaded this and ready to play it at their next company Christmas party? View: I can't see that happening, but I can definitely see myself playing it at a couple high school Christmas dances!
  14. BlueLineDJ

    Wedding Reception Goals.

    View: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. BlueLineDJ

    American Pie

    Does anyone have or know where I can find a short version of American Pie by Don McLean? TIA!!! It's been requested for a reception coming up as the Groom's Fraternity brother's song.
  16. BlueLineDJ

    Corded mic Question

    So I have your basic handheld corded mic. I have a 10' cord from guitar center that is 1/4" on one end and female XLR on the other. Shouldn't the mic work when I plug it into the 1/4" input of a Peavey 6 channel mixer such as the PV-6? I get nothing.
  17. BlueLineDJ

    Promo Only Downloader

    So I just got signed up for the silver package of Promo Only and downloaded the POOL software. This takes some getting used to over a couple of clicks and downloading an entire weekly album with prime cuts. Does anyone know of any tips or tricks to easily navigate the software? I'm guessing...
  18. BlueLineDJ

    Weddings First Dance like no other.

    Check this out. View: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. BlueLineDJ

    File Labelled Wrong

    Anyone that uses a music subscription service such as Primecuts ever had a song labelled incorrectly? I found out the hard way this past Saturday. I was doing a wedding and the crowd requested Mo Bamba by Sheck Wes. This is really hot right now and released recently so I hadn't heard it...
  20. BlueLineDJ

    Wow, what a weekend!

    Worked my day job 6a-3p Friday. Then went to setup for a Sadie Hawkins high school dance. Then to our regional airport at 4. Plugged into a huge system to play easy listening music for the static display of our airshow participants. At 7 provided the soundtracks for multiple nighttime...
  21. BlueLineDJ

    So I played something Friday night

    Did a Sadie Hawkins dance Friday night for about 650 kids. I was emailed a request list and this song was included in it. I went out on a limb and played it. They freakin loved it and sand the entire thing with hand gestures. I know it will be short lived, but its just funny, how well it...
  22. BlueLineDJ

    The Axis of Awesome

    So the last two receptions I've done have requested this song. I had not heard of it before. It was a huge hit and very clever song! Its an awesome mashup that everyone sang along with! Check it out! Anyone heard of it before? I had heard of the concept where a lot of recent songs all...
  23. BlueLineDJ

    EV Customer Service

    So I've had my EV EKX-15Ps for almost two years now. Well one of the woofers seemed to have stopped working. I called EV and confirmed that they were still under warranty (until August 2019). They sent me a prepaid shipping label and the top was headed off to Nebraska. 10 days later it was...
  24. BlueLineDJ

    Dog Fashion Show

    So I have a animal fashion show fundraiser coming up that I am providing the soundtrack for. Local celebrities will strut their stuff in various fashions with dogs from the local no kill adoption shelter. Any suggestions on what to play as they "do their little turn on the catwalk"? I know I...
  25. BlueLineDJ

    National Anthem

    I am providing audio for a regional High School Dance competition tomorrow with approx 20 teams performing. They have asked me to play the National Anthem to kick it off. Does anyone have any suggestions on which one to play? Do I play an instrumental or one with lyrics? TIA and GO!