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  1. Proformance

    Village People - Can't Stop the Music

    The Village People are publicly complaining that Donald Trump was still using their song as a stage exit, again as he departed the White House. They acknowledge that: " We hope to spearhead a change in copyright law that will give artists and publishers more control over who can and cannot use...
  2. Proformance

    Texture coat for speaker cabs

    Has anyone refurbished any cabinets using one of the variety of texture coat or bed-liner type finishes ? I have a pair of Klipsh KSM-15 monitors that were originally a black finish, then got covered with gray carpet, and now I'm thing I'd like to do them over in a durable black coating. Some...
  3. Proformance

    Next Tech: Ground Loop/Lift

    I've moved onto my next tech project. I'm inserting a small circuit on the ground lead of all my quad boxes and power strips. It essentially has the effect of lifting the AC ground (to a limit of 0.5V) without actually breaking the connection. I'm hoping it will reduce the instance of my...
  4. Proformance

    Tech Question: cell phone mic inputs

    Perhaps some of you who are into Podcasting have run up against this qustion: What is the typical input impedance of cell phone mic inputs? They are Hi-Z and I suspect somewhere between 10KHz and 50KHz but haven't tested anything yet while I wait on cables to arrive. Has anyone had to resolve...
  5. Proformance

    Mega OtsAV sale!

    Get 45% off a 20 year old software compatible with 13 year old controllers that are no longer supported. Who are these people and WTF are they thinking? One scam was enough.
  6. Proformance

    Can you spot the fake?

    How good are you at spotting counterfeits? I had a number of counterfeit mics come across my bench today. The supposed Shure SM58's are actually knock-offs with a retail value of about $12. You may find online videos and blogs illustrating how to spot these counterfeits but, most testimonials...
  7. Proformance

    New Life Old Speakers

    I have about a half dozen pairs of 15" 2-way passive speakers (JBL) that are visually obsolete. They all work fine, have had new drivers, (2226H) etc. added over time and even new cabinets built for them. They are all in great condition and I have always liked how they sound and their...
  8. Proformance

    Limited Time Only

    Two out of the three venues I was at this weekend had done major renovations. Among the inclusions is permanently installed color changing LED lighting both recessed in the floor as up lighting, and LED strips in the cove of the ceiling coffers. Eventually, this whole trend of DJs doing up...
  9. Proformance

    DJ in Box? This is bigger...

    This is the whole party in a bag! $1200 /4hrs Inflatables » Perfect Parties USA
  10. Proformance

    iTunes question

    Perhaps Steve will have the insight in this question since he's often said he manages music with iTunes and DJs with another software. Can I use iTunes with an existing music collection on external hard without screwing up access to those same files by other DJ software? I guess what I want to...
  11. Proformance

    Record Collection Valuation

    Are you a DJ or a museum? :) The first one in your drying rack is "Neil Diamond - Greatest Hits" and I would clean that by throwing it away, then buying the better and cleaner sounding digitally remastered CD or MP3. Seriously, what sane rationale is there for doing this? ????? The stuff...
  12. Proformance

    Import fraud

    Perhaps there are some TVs in China whose HDMI port can be configured in the drill down menu to accept analog signals - but, as far as I know only DVI ports have that capability on audio/visual gear or computer peripherals. There is a proliferation of products like these...
  13. Proformance


    I tested "Esperance" (OtsAV 1.90) today on a Core i7 6GB memory and ATI Grpahics with dedicated 1 GB video memory. I also tested it on a Core 2 Duo as well. Both with a Denon HC4500 outboard controller and the updated map. I also tested it on a Pentium 4 running Windows XP and ATI Graphics card...
  14. Proformance

    You have got to be kidding!

    This is probably one of the most ridiculous and consumer insulting emails I've ever received and a perfect example for DJs to learn what not to do when selling. From Ots Labs: Right - are you going to pay for a product the seller refuses to describe, can not demonstrate, and can't even...
  15. Proformance

    Eliminate the Middle Man

    It occurs to me that where the bars, clubs and lounges are concerned there is a great opportunity presently for DJs and other entertainment to displace karaoke. Given the litigious nature of the manufacturers, now may be the perfect opportunity to pitch club owners about yoru DJ sevices, game...
  16. Proformance

    Any New England Turntablists?

    Next week Jazzy Jeff is playing in Boston and his rider includes Technics MK5's and Pioneer DJM909. If you're turntablist in the area using this setup and would like to get some payback on your gear I'd be happy to work with you. It's a Tuesday show. Call me at 1-800-439-3277.
  17. Proformance

    Define: Respect for DJs

    It struck me that it is possible to meet every one of these "credentials" without ever being paid one professional penny for MC services. In my experience, the only credential that seesm to carry any weight with brides, corporate committees, or anyone else - is the prooof that people...
  18. Proformance

    I have 50,000 songs - FWIW

    No, I don't. However, given the contortions people go through over other people's claims of music and karaoke tracks, I'd like to point out something. Every year Billboard publishes it's list of the Top 100 songs from that year. Could you actually think of 100 songs in any given year that...
  19. Proformance

    FYI: Warning about Paypal processing

    If you are not already aware, Paypal is not an actual bank. They have also been playing fast and loose and I suspect soon to be in a lot of hot water. What you need to know if you are processing transactions through Paypal is that you may unwittingly lose sales or customers should any of those...
  20. Proformance

    Looking for Ots-AV laptop recommendations.

    I'm sticking with Ots AV because it's so damn convenient for corporate presnetations - however, my current laptop won't run relaibly with the video subsystem enabled. It's defiinatley a hardware issue that I will not be able to resolve. I need a new mnachine that is stable running video with...
  21. Proformance

    OtsAV DJ Pro Crashing Regularly

    I've been having problems with OTSAV crashing on a regular and frequent basis. It occurs with both the older and newer update. I've tried a number of things but it still just isn't reliable enough to run in a critical application. Here's what's happeneing: At some point the next track will...
  22. Proformance

    Adobe CS4 - What does it really cost?

    I want to buy the Adobe CS4 Design suite, but I can't make sense of what's being peddled out there. From the Adobe store it's priced near $1,800. But simply google the name and countless vendors come up claiming "Full non-academic or upgrade" versions for prices as low as $579. I've heard...
  23. Proformance

    Interesting moments on the mic

    "..what was that you said; sir?" "It's too loud!" "'s too loud? I was thinking along that same line. Why don't I turn down the music and you can take the batteries out of that tie." _________________________________ "C'mon out here on the dance floor and take your hands out of you're...
  24. Proformance

    Video Overlay: Intel 965 Mobile Chipset & Vista

    If you are runing a laptop that uses the Intel 965 Mobile Express Chipset for graphics and are unable to get video output from programs like OTSAV, etc. Here is the work-around: The problem is the driver used in VISTA. The working solution is to delete the existing driver and install a...
  25. Proformance

    OTS Video overlay - Error!!

    OTSAVDJ, VISTA, Denon HC4500 I can no longer get viodeo output - just a constant error message: "video overlay failed: hardware incompatibility error" Things had been working fine, now I can't get video out from OTSAV, Siglos Karaoke, or even Powerpoint. (Been through the control panel...