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  1. DJ Ricky B

    Would you DJ a kids party and Facilitate games?

    At this point in your career as a DJ would you DJ a kids party where they want the DJ to be interactive, and facilitate games with the kids? Coke/Pepsi, Limbo, Hula Hoop Toss style games as an example.
  2. DJ Ricky B

    Weddings Do you have your wedding clients fill out a planning form?

    I use a planning form, and it's pretty much now 100% utilized via an online planning portal. I believe in planning, and getting as much details as possible being a formula for a successful event. I have all my clients fill out the form. The only exception is sometimes a planner get's all of...
  3. DJ Ricky B

    Are DJ Facades still in style or on their way out?

    What do you think? Are DJ Facades still very much in style? Or are they losing popularity and on their way out for DJ use? I would say that DJ Facades have been around since 2007 or so, but really didn't gain a lot of popularity until maybe 2011/2012. So it's been about 10 years or so since...
  4. DJ Ricky B

    Is December an "In Season" or "Off Season" Month for you as a DJ?

    Do you consider December a good month for making money as a DJ looking at your calendar for December right now? Or is it a weak sauce month?
  5. DJ Ricky B

    What do you think is good pay for a DJ assistant for your events?

    I am not particularly asking how much YOU specifically would be willing to pay an assistant given the events that you do, but rather what do you think is GOOD pay to make the job offer and compensation attractive to a person who is willing to be a DJ assistant, and work events with you on...
  6. DJ Ricky B

    On Average, How much time prior to event start time do you leave your house?

    Just as it says. On Average, how much time prior to your events do you typically leave your house to travel to the event? This question popped up in my head yesterday as I was sitting in a 60 minute Traffic Jam at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge yesterday headed to the wedding I was doing. It was...
  7. DJ Ricky B

    Would you DJ a wedding for $550 in 2021?

    Just as it says. Would you book and DJ a $550/4 hour wedding reception in 2021? And yes, you would bring your own equipment and set up like normal (Not a situation where you plug into a house system)
  8. DJ Ricky B

    Turned down a easy booking for this Sunday. The Money isn't enough any more

    I had a Karaoke event come in for this Sunday. 3 hours of Karaoke in the evening at a house in McClean, VA (Expensive area with high end houses). It was last minute, and they were pretty much ready to book. I could have quoted $800 to $1,000 and got it booked. However, I already had plans...
  9. DJ Ricky B

    What year do you believe the Mobile DJ Community had the most active working DJs

    What year approximately do you believe that the Mobile DJ community was the very largest, and had the highest number of working mobile DJs out there? I think it will be interesting to see everyone's answers/perception on the subject.
  10. DJ Ricky B

    Did You get the Covid Vaccination yet?

    Just as it says. No need for Debating whether or not someone should get vaccinated, or not. This is just a poll to get statistics so far among DJs here.
  11. DJ Ricky B

    What year do you believe will be your last year as a DJ working events?

    What year do you think you will end your career as a DJ. Give your best guess right now! Let's have some fun! :)
  12. DJ Ricky B

    Light Up Face Masks for your next Event! Good Up Sell Item?

    So now they are coming out with light up face masks. Maybe at future events we can start selling these to our clients to hand out at their events! They are even making sound activated ones!
  13. DJ Ricky B

    Wedding for 9/18/21 cancelled. FOB wants a refund. Yes or No, or Partial refund?

    My client, the bride for 9/18/21 cancelled via Email about 12 days ago. I replied to confirm that she was indeed cancelling, or if there is a chance she could post pone to another date. She said it is cancelled - "The Wedding was called off" So, it is not due to death, or the Pandemic. The...
  14. DJ Ricky B

    School Dances will not be occurring in Maryland for the first half of upcoming school year

    Baltimore County (Where I live) Just announced that they will be doing Online Distance Learning for the first half of the upcoming school year. That is through January 29th, 2021. ...All other counties in Maryland who have announced their official plans have done the same thing. I am pretty...
  15. DJ Ricky B

    Post your going to the store Mask!

    I ordered 5 of these "face shields" from SA Gear about a month back off of Amazon that I have been wearing. I wear them at work (they recommend we wear masks, but do not require - most of us wear one), and wear them when I head to the store. I currently have some "Old Bay" and "Maryland Flag"...
  16. DJ Ricky B

    How much money do you anticipate earning in May and June events?

    I looked at my Calendar. Right now I have $0 worth of sales in May, and $0 worth of sales in June! ...And this is after a record setting $0 in sales for April! I think things are going well! Definitely a busier year than previous years. You should always be growing sales as a DJ as time...
  17. DJ Ricky B

    California may cancel concerts and sporting events until 2021

    This video came up on my youtube feed, so I watched it. It appears they have said at this point "Absolutely no events with more than 100 people through out the summer. Absolutely, no events with 1,000 people our larger through out the rest of this year. Looks like we have our preliminary...
  18. DJ Ricky B

    The "Shut Downs" Are not really working...Just slowing the spread down a bit

    About 70% of the country's work force is still working. Some of that portion is working from home. Maybe 1/5th of the current working people in the country are working from home...and that number might be high. So we still have 50% or more of the work force out, and about at least Monday...
  19. DJ Ricky B

    Has the COVID19 situation changed cancellation culture for the event industry?

    It seems to me that too many large events, and weddings are being cancelled too early. Perhaps jumping the gun a bit. It's almost as if everything is being scheduled to cancel via projection and unanimous forecasting. Why should ANYTHING more than 45 or 60 days out truly be cancelled without...
  20. DJ Ricky B

    Pennsylvania Governor Wolf Orders ALL non Essential Businesses to close today at 8 p.m.

    THe massive complete shut downs are really ramping up now. I expect Maryland's Governor to make an announcement for Maryland tomorrow or Saturday. I believe San Francisco is on...
  21. DJ Ricky B

    Fairfax County, VA has closed schools down until April 10th

    This is the longest public school closure in my service area so far. ...Over the years I have frequently worked events in Fairfax County. Strong area for events for DJs. ...It looks like we will be dealing with this through at least April 10th. Apparently, many of the confirmed cases in VA...
  22. DJ Ricky B

    WWE says Wrestlemania will go on as scheduled. City of Tampa Government might decide otherwise...

    THis is interesting. WWE is a big money maker, and they have multiple RAW, Smackdown, and other shows scheduled in Tampa Bay leading up to and after Wrestlemania on Apriil 5th. WWE is ALL about making money, so they would obviously refuse to cancel these shows. However, it appears that there...
  23. DJ Ricky B

    Anyone else hearing that Coachella Fest might get cancelled next month?

    I heard at work from a co worker that she heard that Coachella Fest out in California is about to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus. (She is a Big EDM listener/fan) It's apparently a HUGE International Festival, and this festival brings a lot of money into the local area...
  24. DJ Ricky B

    New Harbinger Vari 2,500 Watt Speakers with Visual DSP

    It looks like Guitar Center has upped the game with their new Harbinger Line up! Decent looking mixer section on the back with multiple inputs including blue tooth. Tunable DSP with an App. Max SPL rated at 129 DB...
  25. DJ Ricky B

    So Ebay is charging tax on used products being sold? It's a Internet Yard Sale...Why Tax?

    I don't like the new laws that everything sold on the internet has to have sales tax associated with it. Cash grab by government. Before with the loop hole, taxes were not assessed on used items, and new items sold out of state. That is how it should have REMAINED! Now, I just sold 4 up...