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  1. djronh1

    Is it the time to market?

    With vaccines finally getting significant numbers, I'm hoping the end to pandemic is finally in sight. Hopefully this summer things get (somewhat) back to normal. So probably good time to get marketing back in gear.
  2. djronh1


    Impressive. Looks very nice. Clean & professional. I also like your logo.
  3. djronh1

    New DMX Controller coming this Year

    Looks cool. Has anyone ever played with light controller built into VirtualDJ? I'm guessing it should support some generic USB DMX controller.
  4. djronh1

    Projector choice?

    Projectors have come a long way in the past 5-10 years. Should be easy to find a nice 1080p (with decent lumens / contrast) for well below 1K. Heck might even be able to pick up a (fake) 4K one for around 1K (Fake meaning not true 4K).
  5. djronh1

    600 MHz is gone

    Wireless carriers need to get their bandwidth from somewhere (for their 5G networks). Which explains losing 600MHz. Not to mention how much $$$ FCC made from most recent mid-band spectrum auctions ($ Billions)
  6. djronh1

    Rane One Controller

    Seen nothing but great reviews about this. I was curious about how (if) Rane would change since being bought out by InMusic (owners of both Numark & Denon). Is quality still top notch?
  7. djronh1

    WTH is up with used van prices?

    Another side effect of COVID. Folks lose their job, can't afford new car payment, which causes more demand in used car market, As already mentioned, classic issue of supply & demand affecting price.
  8. djronh1

    Algoriddim djay Pro AI v3 leaves Windows users further behind

    Great piece of software, but boy do I hate subscriptions. I totally get the business model, but prefer to pay once (at least until major upgrade comes out).
  9. djronh1

    Anyone try a Mini-PC?

    Another popular Mini PC option (used by a lot of folk in the Plex crowd for silent media server) is Intel NUC
  10. djronh1

    What software are you using to DJ with?

    Next year marks 40 years since I bought my first turntables. Over that time, I've gone from vinyl, to CD, to finally MacBook and/or USB media player. On the software side, started with BPM Studio, then went to VirtualDJ, over to Serato before coming back to VirtualDJ. For small, informal...
  11. djronh1

    Top 40 Song Lists by Year

    Mediabase is my go to source for charts. Your can find 2020 HERE
  12. djronh1

    Weddings Dinner / Cocktail Songs

    I'm Yours - Jason Mraz This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - Natalie Cole Respect - Aretha Franklin
  13. djronh1

    Did You get the Covid Vaccination yet?

    Got my second Pfizer on 4/20 .... will be consider "officially" fully vaccinated next week. Can't wait .... I'm ready to jump on a plane & go somewhere tropical.
  14. djronh1

    Karaoke software

    VirtualDJ also has built-in support for karaoke Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  15. djronh1

    Windows - Mass File Renamer

    If MP3 tags are good, most decent MP3 tagging apps will allow rename file based on contents of tag (e.g. Track - Artist - Title). Alternatively, I've had great luck over the years using freeware app "Bulk Rename Utility". They have 32-bit, 64-bit, and command line flavors avail (Windows only...
  16. djronh1

    Anyone using Chrome?

    No issues here, works great everywhere. Even on my iOS devices. Although there is a known speed issue with Chrome on iOS devices, this is because only Apple's native Safari web browser is allowed access to the speedy Nitrous JavaScript engine.
  17. djronh1

    How to: One signal to 2 projectors.

    There are plenty of various "signal distribution" boxes available. To know where to start, you need to know what's connecting to what, meaning what sort of output to what sort of input (e.g. HDMI to HDMI, DisplayPort to ??, etc). Also, there have been new wireless options appearing over the...
  18. djronh1

    WD Passport Drives

    There are freeware apps for both formatting or repartition+reformatting to fat32. Simply use Google to find them. Personally, I've had great success with gparted live CD.
  19. djronh1

    Is This a Good Set of Speakers??

    With most ANYTHING you purchase, you usually get what you pay for. The higher price is typically due to higher quality components, and better workmanship, and CONSISTENT performance at all levels. The cheaper speakers tend to clip, distort, etc when pushed. The good stuff also holds it's...
  20. djronh1

    Lets Talk About Subs

    I've started my quest BACK to great sound just recently. I'm going all KV2 EX this time around. Matter of fact, I just picked up a pair of EX10's & a pair of EX12's. I already had an EX2.2 sub to go with the pair of EX10's. Thinking of getting a pair of EX1.8 subs to go with the EX12. I...
  21. djronh1

    Video Jocks Best settings for DVD ripping for VDJ?

    For converting any video files, I've had great luck with freeware app "HandBrake". Very easy to use, and includes several popular video "profiles" (e.g. iPad, etc). Use Google to find it's website
  22. djronh1

    KV2 demos available in NH

    If any DJs here in the New England area have ever been curious about the KV2 sound. I just picked up a pair of EX10's & EX12's to go with my EX2.2 sub. I setup a quick A/B test last night. System A) EV Live X - A pair of EV ELX112P (1000W 12" 2-way cabs), over a pair of EV ELX118P (single...
  23. djronh1

    I-Tunes question

    I was very anti-Apple myself years back. I've had Rio Karma, Creative Zen, Sandisk, and even Zune. When I finally went Apple, I was surprised how much it had improved. Plus I've always jailbroken my iDevices to get around any silly Apple restrictions/limitations. Today I have iPad , iPhone...