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  1. Dan The Man

    Passing The Torch

    Howdy Folks, Today, I pass the baton to @Jeff Romard to run ODJT. I've been at this nearly 15 years. Its the longest I've done anything. The last couple of years my heart hasn't been in running the day to day operations. This led to things not being done in a timely matter and such...
  2. Dan The Man

    About The Music Charts Forum

    Hi Guys, I converted the iDJPool Pick list's forum to the Music Charts forum this morning. Anyone can post charts in this forum. I'll be moving a few charts from the music board shortly. Thanks, Dan
  3. Dan The Man

    Support ODJT!

    Edit 03/13 We've added the ability to gift subscriptions to you fellow members. Please see this post: Hi Folks, I recently had to implement new ad blocks as our previous advertiser is no longer in the DJ business. I did what I...
  4. Dan The Man

    Please welcome Mike as our newest moderator

    @ittigger has graciously come on board as a moderator to help us keeping things in order. Welcome aboard and thanks Mike!
  5. Dan The Man

    Hi Guys, I bought a few weeks back. If that domain sounds familiar it's because Ken Heath used to own it. He's a hosting client of mine and decided to let the domain expire. I decided to buy it because a) it's aged and b) it's a pretty good name. Ken was gracious enough to...
  6. Dan The Man

    New Members: Accessing Private Forums

    Hello and welcome to ODJT! In order for a new member to access the private member only forums you need to meet the following three criteria: Be a member for 2 weeks Post 10 posts Accumulate 5 likes on your posts We have these requirements for a few reasons. It helps us weed out spammers before...
  7. Dan The Man

    Tapatalk Removed

    Hi Folks, I've removed Tapatalk from ODJT. It's been a long time coming. Tapatalk has had serious security issues in the past and very questionable ethics. I no longer feel comfortable running Tapatalk on ODJT. Another forum owner (whom I don't know) wrote a long post outlining the pitfalls...
  8. Dan The Man

    Server Migration

    Hi Guys, We had a quick server migration this afternoon. I'd noticed quite a bit of sluggishness on the old server especially when it came to database commits (submitting posts or adding likes). We were rubbing up against the RAM limit on our old server. An upgrade with the current provider...
  9. Dan The Man

    Peloton didn't license music...sued for 150M It's funny the first time I seen the commercial with Jay-z's On To The Next One I thought to myself I wonder how much they paid to license that. The answer is probably not much. :sqeek: Reading...
  10. Dan The Man

    About Event Type Discussion

    This forum is broken down by event type using thread prefixes. The prefixes make it easier for other members to search by type of event. A prefix is required for all posts. The default prefix is wedding as it's the most popular. The current prefixes are: Weddings School & Teen Events...
  11. Dan The Man

    Did some much needed housekeeping done today

    At the suggestion of @steve149 it's now clearer which forums are public and private. Each forum's description is prefixed with [PUBLIC] or [PRIVATE]. In addition all private boards have a ^ (carat) after their title and public boards have an * (asterisk). There is also a legend at the bottom of...
  12. Dan The Man

    Jeff Gets A Bigger Stick 😱

    @Jeff Romard one of our longest serving moderators has graciously come aboard as a third administrator. Not much will change. He just has a bigger key ring to take care of business when I'm not around. Thanks for stepping up Jeff. :cheers2:
  13. Dan The Man

    The latest addition to Team ODJT

    Please joining me in welcoming @steve149 as the ODJT's newest moderator. Steve is already one of ODJT's favorite guys. I don't have to tell any of the regulars that Steve knows his way around technology and DJ equipment. He freely shares his knowledge with anyone who asks. It doesn't hurt that...
  14. Dan The Man

    ODJT Looks a little different

    Hi Guys, This evening I upgraded ODJT to the latest and greatest of our forum software. I spoke about the new features here ( Unfortunately the upgrade broke our default style. I have a ticket into their developers but in...
  15. Dan The Man

    Started a little clean up

    Hi Folks, I haven't been paying attention to what forum a thread belongs in for a while. Today, I started cleaning up The Big Show a bit moving threads to forums where they fit better. This both keeps TBS cleaner and populates some of the less trafficked boards. If you get a notification one...
  16. Dan The Man

    Social Media Links on your ODJT profile

    Hi Guys, I made a couple of small changes here for the social media links on your ODJT profile ( They're now hyperlinks. Why the developers decided to just list a screen name baffles me. There's a new field for a direct link to your business...
  17. Dan The Man

    Welcome to the DIY Forum

    Hi Folks, At the suggestion of @DJ Bobcat we've (finally) added a Do It Yourself gear builders forum. I moved Bob's large system thread here. I know there's a few other DIY threads floating around please link to them from here as you find them. Thanks, Dan
  18. Dan The Man

    eBay 15% off sale until 11PM EDT on Tues 3/27

    For those of you shopping this evening: 15% off $25 Sitewide eBay Flash Coupon • Start/End: 3/27/18 1PM - 8PM PT. • Offer: 15% off, $25 Min. spend, $50 Max Disc; Uses: once • Coupon code: PREPSPRING • Landing...
  19. Dan The Man

    20% off eBay Flash Sale Friday 3/9 8am to 8pm PST

    From Viglink (our link affiliating folks) Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay eBay's landing page says it's good for the US & Canada.
  20. Dan The Man

    Upgrades a coming

    Hi Folks, As I mentioned a few months ago XenForo 2.0 was right around the corner. It's been released and stable for about a month now. ODJT will be upgrading later this week. I've tentatively scheduled it for Saturday. You can view a live 2.0 install at Big Guy Lil World. Check out the...
  21. Dan The Man

    Welcome TriLight Speaker Stand

    I'd like to welcome Brian from TriLight Speaker Stand as our newest sponsor. The LED lighted stand looks pretty neat in my humble opinion. There's free shipping on pre-orders until November 1. Here's what the stand looks like in action.
  22. Dan The Man

    Two Factor Authentication Now Works

    Hi Guys, Now that we're on a new server and it keeps the proper time two factor authentication works. It's not a huge deal but if the security of your account is important to you and/or you tend to use the same password every where (shame, shame) Two Factor Authentication is the best way to...
  23. Dan The Man

    How many forums do you follow on Tapatalk?

    Hi Guys, Tapatalk recently released a premium option where by we can have our own distinct app separate from Tapatalk's network. Basically the app would only work for ODJT and not other Tapatalk enabled sites. The app would have our logo, choice of color scheme, etc. It's not very expensive...
  24. Dan The Man

    Anyone using Twitter, Pintrest, or Instagram for Marketing

    As I was reading Rick and Randy's thread about Facebook marketing. It dawned on me that while they pretty much mastered a formula that works Facebook is definitely old news I'd guess for a majority of today's brides-to-be. The young to mid twenty somethings are all over Twitter and Instagram...
  25. Dan The Man

    Judge Judy upholds DJ's contract and orders additional $400 payment from Plaintiff

    Today's Judge Judy episode featured a defendant DJ who didn't provide a certificate of insurance to the venue in time to make the plaintiff (FOB) happy. Judy ruled in the DJs favor and ordered the plaintiff to pay the additional $400 due the DJ per the contact. The plaintiff didn't cancel...