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    Legal to resell music?

    The continuous battle over what is and what's not legal about reselling music has been discussed and hashed over in great detail. All the legal action/copyright infringement ect. discussion has been beaten to death on this and other forums. In this instance, how is this legal and if it's...
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    How many of you are quitting the business and if so why?

    My number of events toppled from around a hundred a year to about 25 for 2020. Yes, it was a stinger....a real difficult time. And yes, the thought of quitting all together has been talked about with my family. But no firm decision on what is the best move yet. I'm in year number 43 and...
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    Wedding for 9/18/21 cancelled. FOB wants a refund. Yes or No, or Partial refund?

    Cancellations and refund issues are abundant conversations on many dj industry facebook groups, so the situations and circumstances has been hashed over an extreme amount over the past five months. And yes many dj service companies demand absolutely no refund blah blah blah. Others...
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    How do you handle people coming up to you at an event you're doing asking how much do you charge?

    My rates are a set cost for all events. No time limits and no adjusting for more or less equipment. I know this is more not the most wouldn't be able to give the inquiry a price, but I would be able to accommodate his question right then.
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    UGH I have to buy a new TV today.

    TMI Everyone..... get back to djing. You have way too much time.
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    No Gigs Until June and other random stuff...

    Thanks Taso I did explore this option and found that in my income bracket I only am approved for a $2000.00 loan of which 75% is forgiven, not all of it. So, would $1500.00 be helpful, yes. But it's not like a huge amount of money, it's not going to help me sustain for more than a couple...
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    No Gigs Until June and other random stuff...

    Mix asked, "Just wanted to ask when is the last time you did an event somewhere and what was the event if you can remember?" A wedding on March 14, and it sucks. Have had about a dozen cancellations. All of April, May and June. Weddings and Proms all gone. However, many of those did...
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    How much money do you anticipate earning in May and June events?

    I've had every event cancel in the months of April, May and June. However, I've had about ten of the cancellations move to a date in 2021. At this rate, if it keeps up with all the other weddings planned for 2021 that were not forced to reschedule I will be so over loaded with...
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    California AB-5: The Gig Law

    You all could come to Washington. Eastern Washington where sun shines as much as California, mild winters and a great economy. Oh, and I am selling my business in this great state.
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    Approaching 70 and not even thinking about retirement. Can still rock a teen dance and happily do weddings. Equipment set up and tear down, still not an issue. However I am listing my business for sale and will hopefully find a buyer that I can dj events for, maybe 30 to 40 times a
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    Weddings Country Wedding..gonna work or be a bust?

    Unsure why you think this won't go well....I've done many wedding receptions with predominant or exclusive country. And have had very good success. I know my country music well and feel comfortable accommodating this genre. Maybe you don't feel the same. Research and study up on the hits...
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    Photobooth props

    I've had my photo booths out the past two weekends and four more rentals this coming weekend. All have been for holiday parties, so it seems a natural to include Christmas/seasonal props. I have several different Santa hat type looks and other head band red and white styled holiday looks...
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    How many of you get asked this question?

    You told her you are a told her you are told her you used to play in a place. No wonder she only had a few minutes and had to go. I've never had this similar conversation and haven't been asked where I play.
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    A list of add-ons

    Awesome list, of these, I thnk there may be some interet in the sparkler fountain to service my community. Taso, can you advise on what would be the recommended type/brand/model and features, plus where to buy a sparkler fountain? Bob
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    A list of add-ons

    For the sake of discussion, lets assume you already have a great sound system with all the speakers and power needed, plus a nice dance floor lighting rig. In other words adding a sub wouldn't be considered an add on. Or adding a moving head not an add on extra charge. You have the dance...
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    How do I transfer songs from a CD to a HD?

    Go online and purchase cd to Mp3 conversion software. Wondershare, AVS4U and NCH are programs that I have used......but there are many more. Easy to use, just drop your cd in the tray, open the program and follow the prompts. Once the cd tracks have been converted you may need to give...
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    Gig Prep - What is your M.O. ?

    I never pre-prepare a playlist. And most often determine the next song I'll play at the time of the song that is currently playing. Making that decision on how the crowd is reacting and responding. If I get a client request (playlist) in advance of the event, I'll just pick and choose...
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    How long do you think the battery will last in the cordless mic?

    My experience is around four hours for the type mics I use. I would think that there is some sort of small break in 5 and half hour act. I suggest you change out the batteries during one of these stretches at around the 3 hour mark.
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    What is your minimum price to work New Years Eve this year?

    I have three events this year on NYE. Myself and two for the DJ crew. I've never set my rates higher for New Years Eve, just another day of the year. Not a larger sound system and lights than others, no bigger of a crowd than any average gig, no longer hours than the norm. Plus it's really...
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    What are things you look for before agreeing to do an event for a potential client?

    Maybe you live in an unusual place in this country, or maybe I haven't been exposed to unusual circumstances, but I'll say yes to any event without knowing anything. Except the date, to confirm I am available. And of course if the distance is out of my servicing area, then I'll turn it down...
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    Last night I went to a Halloween party and had a good time.

    If you wish you could play these songs, you need to channel your marketing towards events that appreciate this "type" of music. I've played these two songs countless times and the crowds are very responsive to them. About 60% of what I do are weddings in a more rural community. You could...
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    Which event would you rather do?

    B....way out in front. This is easiest and what I prefer doing.....second is D the high school Prom. Any of the others, only if I had no other choice.
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    Is there an event that you agreed to do but wish you hadn't?

    "I almost put a like to your thread until I saw you say you don't like input from a client about the music for their event. I need it so I have a good idea of what music the client wants played at their event. Do you take song requests?" Oh, no I don't care if I'm given a list, I just don't...
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    Is there an event that you agreed to do but wish you hadn't?

    I guess we all work in and around each situation and each client as we feel best towards making a successful event with the best music selections. But I actually dislike getting a song list and never ask for their input. If the client offers up some sort of song/genre of choice to me, I...
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    Silent disco?

    I have a 180 headphone set of silent disco going on about a year. Have only had them out on three occasions and each of those were to simply test the audience response and determine where the potential for this item may be used best. I haven't given up and will continue to experiment, but so...